Programs: Microsoft Word: Lesson #4

Lesson #4: Work with a document in Word
  • create a new document
  • save a document
  • retrieve a document
  • edit a document
  • print a document


Lesson #4: Working With Word Documents
Objective # 1 File Types
Creating A Document
Open Microsoft Word and go to the standard toolbar.  Click the button that looks like a piece of paper to open a new document.
Objective # 2 Creating a New File
 Saving A Document
Once you have a document that you want to save, go to the standard toolbar.  Click on the disk icon to save. 
Objective # 3 Saving a File
 Retrieving Document
To open a previously saved document, go to the standard toolbar.  Click the open icon that looks like a folder. Select from the window which file to open.
Objective # 4 Opening a File
 Editing Document
Once a document is open you can edit however you want using the different buttons or by using the insertion point to edit the actual content of the document.
Objective # 5 Next Objective Description
 Printing Document
Once you finish a document and want to print it, go to the standard toolbar.  Click the printer icon. Make sure the settings are what you want and click OK.
Lesson Review
In this lesson we covered how to work with a document in Microsoft Word.

We have:

  • how to create a document
  • how save a document
  • how to edit a document
  • how to retrieve a document
  • how to print a document


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Programs: Microsoft Word: Lesson #4