Programs: Microsoft Word: Lesson 3

Lesson #3:  Describing the elements on the Microsoft Word Screen.
  • recognize locations of toolbars
  • recognize locations of rulers
  • be able to identify the different icons and their purposes
Lesson #3:  The Microsoft Word Screen
Objective # 1 Recognize toolbars and rulers
Standard and Formatting Toolbars
The standard toolbar contains buttons that perform the most basic operations in Word, such as open, save and print.  The formatting toolbar contains buttons which control font style and type alignment.
Vertical and Horizontal Rulers
The vertical ruler shows the vertical position of type on a page and can control the size of the top and bottom margins.  The horizontal ruler is located under the toolbars and can change margins, tabs and indents.
Objective # 2 Learn uses of toolbar buttons
Standard Buttons
Standard buttons are used for printing, saving, opening files and creating new documents.
Formatting Buttons
Formatting buttons are used in changing the style and size of type, along with changing its alignment.
Lesson Review
In this lesson we covered the location and uses of rulers and toolbars.

We have:

  • learned to identify the different buttons on the toolbar
  • learned how to use the different buttons on the tool bar


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Programs: Microsoft Word: Lesson #3