Programs: Microsoft Word: Lesson 2

Lesson 2:  Learn about the insert and overtype functions.  Learn to delete text.
  • differentiate between insert and overtype functions
  • deleting text
Lesson 2: Editing the document
Objective # 2 Insert and Overtype
The insert function is one use of the insert toggle key.  It is used to add new text to an exiting document without changing the existing text.  
To see this in action, move the insertion point to any location within your existing text, and begin typing.  Observe how the new text moves the existing text to the right.
The overtype function is used to replace existing text within a document.  The insert key is used to change from the insert to the overtype function.
To see this work, go back to the new text you just added.  Press the insert key, to change the the overtype function, and begin typing.  Observe how the old text is replaced.  
Objective # 2 Deleting text
The back space key is one way of deleting text.  It is most commonly used in the editing process, since it deletes text to the left.  
Use the back space key in your own document, and observe how it deletes text to the left of the insertion point.  
The delete key can also be used.  It is normally used during the editing process, since it deletes text to the right of the insertion point.  
Move the insertion point to the middle of you document, and press the delete key.  Notice how it deletes text the right of the insertion point.  
You can also delete multiple characters, by first highlighting them and then typing in new text.  
Try this in your own document.  Use the mouse to highlight a few words, and then either press the backspace or delete keys, or just type in new text.  

Lesson Review

In this lesson we covered some basic vocabulary, as well as some basic editing steps. You learned how to edit a document by adding, changing, and deleting text.  

We have:

  •  defined the different uses for the insert and the overtype functions 
  •  learned 3 different ways to delete text  

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