Programs: Microsoft Word


1.                  The flashing vertical line that marks where text will be entered is called


a.      The insertion point

b.      Hard return

c.      Soft return

d.      Word wrap



2.                  Word wrap is used to create


a.      A hard return

b.      The insertion point

c.      A toggle switch

d.      A soft return



3.                  Which of the following is true?


a.      A hard return is created by the computer wrapping text around the page.

b.      A soft return is created by pressing the enter key.

c.      A hard return is created by pressing the enter key.

d.      Soft returns cannot change during the editing process.



4.                  Which of the following are examples of toggle switches?


a.      The Insert key

b.      The Caps Lock key

c.      The End Key

d.      Both a and b



5.                  Which of the following is true?


a.      The Insert function is used to replace existing characters.

b.      The Overtype function is used to replace existing text.

c.      The Overtype function does not change existing text.

d.      Both a and b are true.



6.                  Which of the following is true about the Delete key?


a.      It is mainly used during the editing process.

b.      It is normally used immediately after typing erroneous text.

c.      It deletes text to the left of the insertion point.

d.      It can only be used to delete one character at a time.



7.                  T or F: the undo and redo buttons are the same thing



8.                  To change margins, tabs, or indents, use the _______ ruler.


a.      Standard

b.      Vertical

c.      Horizontal

d.      Straight


9.                  Which toolbar contains buttons for the most basic commands in Word?


a.      Standard

b.      Formatting

c.      Windows

d.      Floating



10.              T or F: Save is the same command as Save As



11.              The Save icon is a picture of what?


a.      Folder

b.      Paintbrush

c.      Paper

d.      Disk



12.              T or F: You save the same file under two different names



13.              What does the icon with a keyboard and hand represent?


a.      Auto Text

b.      Auto Correct

c.      Auto Spell

d.      Auto Type



14.              T or F: There is an option in Word to check spelling as you type



15.              What is spell check?


a.      A function that gives you antonyms.

b.      A function that corrects grammar.

c.      A function that checks for spelling mistakes.

d.      Both b & c.



16.              What is auto correct?


a.      A function to check grammar while typing.

b.      A function to check spelling while typing.

c.      A function to count words while typing.

d.      A function to correct irregular verbs while typing.



17.              What is auto text?


a.      A function to shorten typing time by remembering common words and phrases.

b.      A function to shorten typing time by automatically typing what you say.

c.      A function to shorten typing time by writing in shorthand.

d.      A function to shorten typing time by guessing what you want to type next.



18.              T or F: Spell check only corrects misspelled words.



19.              T or F: Spell check can ignore Internet and file names.



20.              Which feature allows a faster typing?


a.      Auto spell

b.      Auto correct

c.      Auto fix

d.      Auto text



21.              Which of the following does auto correct NOT do?


a.      Fill in the date.

b.      Correct the first letter of a new sentence.

c.      Corrects accidental usage of the Caps Lock key.

d.      Completes initials.



22.              The Thesaurus tool


a.      Corrects incorrect grammar.

b.      Suggests alternate words.

c.      Corrects spelling.

d.      Edits text.



23.              The Grammar check


a.      Corrects spelling.

b.      Corrects word usage.

c.      Indents text.

d.      Formats paragraphs.



24.              The Thesaurus tool helps to avoid


a.      Repetition.

b.      Overtype.

c.      Synonyms.

d.      Relocation.



25.              The Grammar check offers suggestions on all topics BUT


a.      Punctuation.

b.      Spelling.

c.      Word Usage.

d.      Writing Style.



26.              The Thesaurus tool does all the of the following BUT


a.      Finds synonyms.

b.      Finds antonyms.

c.      Finds pseudonyms.

d.      Finds freudisms.



27.              The Grammar check does all of the following BUT


a.      Corrects plural/singular mistakes.

b.      Corrects usage of who and whom.

c.      Finds repetitive words.

d.      Identifies run-on and fragmented sentences.



28.              The Save and Save As options are found under what menu?


a.      View

b.      Insert

c.      File

d.      Tools



29.              The options menu used to create back-up files is found under the  ______ menu


a.      File

b.      Tools

c.      Edit

d.      Table



30.              When saving a single document, a file name and the drive and folder in which to store the document must be specified


a.      Only when using the Save command.

b.      Only when using the Save As command.

c.      Every time the Save command is used, and every time the Save As command is used.

d.      The first time the Save command is used, and every time the Save As command is used.







Programs: Microsoft Word