Programs: Microsoft Word


Auto Correct feature to automatically detect and correct typos, misspelled words, grammatical errors, and incorrect capitalization


Auto Text a way to store and quickly insert text, graphics, fields, tables, bookmarks, and other items that you use frequently


Backspace deletes one character to the left


Caps Lock Key toggle key to switch between lowercase and uppercase letters


Delete deletes one character to the right


Edit menu that allows you to alter text or entire documents as desired


Exit function in the File menu that closes the program


Formatting Toolbar buttons that can alter the style, appearance, and position of text in a document


Grammar Check similar to Spell Check, the Grammar check searches documents in sentence structure, word usage, etc.


Hard Return hard returns cause the word processor to start a new line regardless of how much of that current line is filled.  Occurs whenever you press the Enter key or the Return key in a document


Highlight the function of pointing, clicking, and dragging the cursor to select portions of text for editing purposes


Horizontal Ruler displays the margins, indentations, and tabs in a document


Insert mode of typing where characters are placed in front of the characters that are after the cursor location


Insertion Point flashing vertical line that shows where text can currently be entered


Ins Key button which toggles between Insert and Overtype


Open button in the Standard Toolbar that allows you to choose which document you would like to work on


Overtype used to replace existing text


Print button in the Standard Toolbar that prints the active document you are using


Save allows you to quickly save changes to a document without editing the filename or location


Save As allows you to choose where the document will be saved and also allows you to edit the file name


Screen Tip displayed when you position the cursor over a button on the toolbar


Shift Key keyboard key similar to the Caps Lock key because it can toggle between lowercase and uppercase lettering.  However the Shift key must be held down


Soft Return whenever too little room remains on the current line of text for the next word, the word processor inserts a soft return


Spelling Button button found in the Standard Toolbar that initiates the spelling check function


Standard Toolbar buttons that can perform basic operations to a document like creating a new document, saving, cutting, pasting, spelling check, and others


Status Bar horizontal area at the bottom of the document window that provides information about the current state of what you are viewing in the window and any other contextual information


Thesaurus tool that searches for synonyms and/or antonyms for any word in the dictionary


Vertical Ruler shows vertical position of text and margins


Word Wrap when you fill one line with text, the word processor automatically moves to the next line so that you are not forced to keep track of line lengths and to press the Enter key or the Return key after each line. The word processor divides lines in such a way that a word is never split between two lines



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Programs: Microsoft Word