Programs: Microsoft Windows 2000: Lesson 5

Lesson 5: In this lesson we will learn how to seek further support using the Windows Help System.
By the end of this tutorial, you will:
  • Understand Microsoft Windows 2000imgBoxPro.gif (7703 bytes)
  • Be able to use the mouse and keyboard
  • Understand the Desktop and Start Menu
  • Understand how to use the window
  • Be able to navigate through dialog boxes
  • Learn how to use the Help system
  • Manage disks and files
  • Create and utilize folders
  • Modify files
  • Explore the internet
  • Learn how to properly shut-down Windows
Lesson 5: The Help System
Figure 5.1 Help Command
Help Command

How to enter the Help Command

Getting into the Help Command involves two basic steps:

Click on Start button

Select Help from Start Menu
Figure 5.2 The Functional Tabs
The Functional Tabs
Contents Tab
The Contents Tab will reveal the “table of contents.” Unlike a typical book the user can reveal more subsections or display only the main topics. This tab is helpful when you are searching for a commonly used Help functions to understand the bigger picture.
Index Tab
The Index Tab allows you to view all the topics in alphabetical order, just like the index of a textbook. Instead of page numbers, the user simply clicks on a word to view information about that topic.
Search Tab
The Search Tab commands the computer to look for a specific word or set of words within the help database. This method tends to yield more matches, however, the excessive quantity of information can be overwhelming.

Self Graded Review Quiz

1.  The Index Tab is similar to the table of contents in an ordinary book.
     True      False

2.  The Search Tab is a less extensive listing of entries than the Index Tab
     True      False

3.  The Index Tab is similar to the index in an ordinary book
     True      False

4.  Not all versions of Windows have an extensive database of detailed information about every function in Windows.
     True      False

5.  The Help Command is in the Start Menu.
     True      False

6.  There is only one way to search for information under the Help Command.
     True      False

7.  Where are the topics in the Contents tab listed?
A. left pane
B. right pane
C. both
D. there is only one pane

8.  To view the results of your search in the Index tab look to the:
A. left pane
B. right pane
C. neither panes
D. depending on the setting, either panes

9.  Which shows a more detailed list of entries?
A. Search Tab
B.  Index Tab

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Programs: Microsoft Windows 2000: Lesson 5