Programs: Microsoft Windows 2000: Lesson 4

Lesson 4: In this lesson we will learn the role of the dialog box in the Windows 2000 interface.
By the end of this tutorial, you will:
  • Understand Microsoft Windows 2000imgBoxPro.gif (7703 bytes)
  • Be able to use the mouse and keyboard
  • Understand the Desktop and Start Menu
  • Understand how to use the window
  • Be able to navigate through dialog boxes
  • Learn how to use the Help system
  • Manage disks and files
  • Create and utilize folders
  • Modify files
  • Explore the Internet
  • Learn how to properly shut-down Windows
Lesson 4: Dialog Box
Figure 4.1 Dialog Box
Dialog Box

What is it?

At this point, we are going to discover what happens when the menu choice you select requires more user input to complete the task.

If the computer needs more information, a dialog box appears rather than just the completion of a task.

For this example, we will look at the dialog box for the Print command.
Figure 4.2 Tabs

What are Tabs for?

The tabs at the top of the dialog box allow the user to manipulate different sets of settings.
Figure 4.3 Option Button
Option Button

What is the Option Button for?

Option buttons are used when the user needs to make a decision between one function or another. For example, the user can print either all the pages of a document or a select few, but the user cannot choose to do both at the same time.  These are mutually exclusive events.
Figure 4.4 Text Box
Text Box

What are Text Boxes for?

Sometimes there are an infinite number of possibilities from which the user can choose. In this case the computer has the user enter data using the keyboard. This entry is done in a text box. In our example the user can enter the particular pages he/she wishes to print. It is important to note, that if non-numerical data is entered, the computer cannot complete the action.
Figure 4.5 Spin Button
Spin Button

What is a Spin Button used for?

A spin button functions similarly to the text box, however, the user can click the up or down arrow to increase or decrease the variable in question. In this case, it is the number of copies of the document the user wishes to print.
Figure 4.6 Check Boxes
Check Boxes

What is a Check Box used for?

A check box resembles the option button, however, the choices for a check box are not mutually exclusive. This means that multiple check boxes can be selected at a time, compared to the option button that does not allow such an action.
Figure 4.7 List Box
List Box

What is a List Box used for?

In some cases, there is a set of available choices or options. When this is the case, a list box will be displayed in the dialog box. In this example, look at the 'Paper Source'. The printer has a limited number of paper sources, so a list box will drop down when you click on the downward triangle on the right side of the list box.  You will then highlight your desired choice. Once one choice is selected by clicking and highlighting, it will appear in the list box screen in dialog box.
Figure 4.8 Help Button
Help Button

What is the Help Button used for?

Sometimes you have questions regarding the function of an item in the dialog box. If you click on the “?,”  button, the help button next to the close button, your cursor will become an arrow with a question mark. When you click on an item, a small yellow box with a shadow will appear telling you the function of the item. Click on the screen after reading this help to return the icon to a regular arrow to resume normal use.
Figure 4.9 Command Button
Command Button

What is the Command Button used for?

A command button is used once you have completed all the preliminary steps. For example, after you chose what you want to print, how many copies, and to which printer, you can command the computer to produce this output or you can change your mind and cancel the entire task. The buttons marked “Print” and “Cancel” are command buttons. Clicking them will execute your desired task.

Self Graded Review Quiz

1.  Which of the following is used instead of option buttons when multiple options are available?
A. spin button
B. check boxes
C. radio buttons
D. list box

2.  What cannot be done with the spin button?
A. Increase or decrease the number of pages.
B. Find answers to questions.
C. Enter information by typing in a spin box.
D. All of the above.

3.  This is used to make decision between one function or another:

4.  This is similar to the text box, but uses arrows to increase or decrease variable:

5.  This is used to manipulate different settings:

6.  This resembles the Option Button, but the choices are not mutually exclusive:

7.  What are the three parts of a dialogue box?
A. List Box, Help Button, Command Button
B. Option Button, Text Box, Check Boxes
C. Spin Button, List Box, Command Button
D. All of the above

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