Programs: Microsoft Windows 2000: Lesson 10

Lesson 10: In this lesson we will learn how to properly shut down Windows 2000.
By the end of this tutorial, you will:
  • Understand Microsoft Windows 2000imgBoxPro.gif (7703 bytes)
  • Be able to use the mouse and keyboard
  • Understand the Desktop and Start Menu
  • Understand how to use the window
  • Be able to navigate through dialog boxes
  • Learn how to use the Help system
  • Manage disks and files
  • Create and utilize folders
  • Modify files
  • Explore the Internet
  • Learn how to properly shut-down Windows
Lesson 10: Shutting Down
Figure 10.1 Shutting Down
Shutting Down

Proper Procedure

When you are ready to turn off your computer there is a proper procedure. You can not simply push the computer’s power button!

Doing so will cause the computer to lose some of it’s data and possibly cause the computer to fail when you try to start it again.

Though we will cover turning off your computer, sometimes you will wish to restart your computer or log off the network so that someone else can log on.  These procedures begin by selecting Shut Down from the Start Menu.
Figure 10.2 Shutting Down
Shutting Down

Shutting Down Process

From the drop-down menu, chose Shut Down.

This is also where you would choose to restart to log off.

Once you have the desired choice in the window click the OK command button. The computer will now shut itself down.

On most new computers, once Windows shuts down it will also turn off the computer. However, on some older computers the screen will indicate it is safe to turn off the computer, which you must do manually.

Often, even with a new computer, you will need to turn off the monitor manually.

Self Graded Review Quiz

1.  What is the proper way to shut down one's computer?
A. There is no correct way to shut down the computer.
B. Simply push the power button on your computer screen.
C. Push the power button on the computer screen first and then the power
          button on the tower.
D. Select "Shut-Down" from the Start Menu and the computer will automatically shut-down.

2.  What is the importance of shutting down properly?
A. If you don't shut down properly, the computer may fail the next time you try to start it up again.
B. It is not very important to shut down the computer properly.
C. Not shutting down properly can cause one to lose data on the computer.
D. A and C.

3.  Besides shutting down the computer, what else can be done from the drop-down menu that appears after you
     select Shut-Down from the Start Menu?
A. Return to previous window
B. Restart computer
C. Delete unwanted files
D. all of the above

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Programs: Microsoft Windows 2000: Lesson 10