Microsoft Windows


Exam Questions


Objective: Answer the following questions within the Microsoft Windows Software.  First, Open a Notepad Document.  Then, for each question write a brief description (1 or 2 sentences) explaining how you answered the question.


Answer Questions 1-8 pertaining to the same task


1.      On the desktop, select the Start Menu. (E)

2.      In the Start Menu select Accessories. (E)

3.      Open Notepad. (E)

4.      Minimize the Notepad window. (E)

5.      Bring the Notepad window back up so that it is visible. (E)

6.      Maximize the Notepad window. (E)

7.      Restore the Notepad window. (E)

8.      Close the Notepad window. (E)


Answer Questions 9-18 pertaining to the same task


9.      On the desktop, open the Recycling Bin icon. (E)

10.  Arrange Icons by Name. (M)

11.  Arrange Icons by Origin. (M)

12.  Arrange Icons by Delete date. (M)

13.  Arrange Icons by Type. (M)

14.  Arrange Icons by Size. (M)

15.  Select All Files in the folder. (M)

16.  Invert this selection. (M)

17.  Empty the Recycle Bin. (M)

18.  Close the Recycle Bin window. (E)


Answer Questions 19-23 pertaining to the same task


19.  On the Desktop open My Computer, Recycle Bin, and My Documents (E)

20.  Use the Mouse to choose Recycle Bin on the Taskbar (E)

21.  Use the Keyboard to choose My computer on the Taskbar (D)

22.  Resize the My Computer window (E)

23.  Close all three windows (E)


Answer Questions 24-38 pertaining to the same task


24.  On the desktop, use the Start Menu to Explore (D)

25.  Highlight the Desktop. (E)

26.  In the right pane, open My Computer, then open (C:). (E)

27.  In the right pane, open the Program Files folder. (E)

28.  Click the Up One Level button. (D)

29.  In the left pane, hide all subfolders. (M)

30.  In the left pane, show all subfolders. (M)

31.  Select Search. (M)

32.  Look In "(C:)." (M)

33.  In the "Named" box, enter "Windows." (M)

34.  Perform the search. (E)

35.  Scroll down the list of results. (E)

36.  Close the Windows Explorer window. (E)

37.  Shut Down the computer. (E)

38.  Manually turn off the Monitor. (E)


Answer Questions 39-57 pertaining to the same task


39.  Create a new folder on the desktop and call it "Joe's Folder." (M)

40.  Rename the folder "Sally's Folder." (M)

41.  Open Sally's Folder. (M)

42.  Inside Sally's Folder, Create a folder called "Lab Results." (D)

43.  Inside Sally's Folder, Create another folder called "Test Results." (D)

44.  Copy the test Results folder. (M)

45.  Paste the copy of the Test Results folder inside Sally's Folder. (M)

46.  Delete the copy of the Test Results folder. (M)

47.  Move the Lab Results folder inside the Test Results folder. (D)

48.  Cut the Lab Results Folder. (D)

49.  Paste the Lab Results folder back inside Sally's Folder. (D)

50.  Insert a 3.5'' floppy disk into your computer's A Drive (E)

51.  Label the floppy disk Sally (D)

52.  Format Sally’s Disk (D)

53.  Send Sally's Folder to the floppy disk. (D)

54.  Delete Sally's Folder from the diskette. (D)

55.  Delete Sally's Folder from the desktop. (M)

56.  Write Protect Sally’s Disk (D)

57.  Write Enable Sally’s Disk (D)


Answer Questions 58-67 pertaining to the same task


58.  In the Start Menu, click on Help. (E)

59.  Select the Index Tab. (M)

60.  Perform a Search for “monitors”. (M)

61.  Select "troubleshooter." (D)

62.  Scroll through the Windows 2000 Troubleshooter (M)

63.  Use the Search to find information on printing (D)

64.  Bookmark this topic as a Favorite (D)

65.  Return to the Contents Section of Help (M)

66.  Locate printing quickly through Favorites (D)

67.  Close the Help window. (E)


Answer Questions 68-84 pertaining to the same task


68.  On the desktop, open the My Computer icon. (E)

69.  Open the Control Panels icon. (M)

70.  Open the Day/Time icon. (M)

71.  Change the month to "December." (M)

72.  Change the year to "2005." (M)

73.  Change the time to "12:38PM." (M)

74.  Change the time zone to "Mexico City." (D)

75.  Cancel these changes. (E)

76.  Open the Fonts icon. (E)

77.  Insert the Toolbar (D)

78.  Hide the Toolbar. (D)

79.  View the files as Large Icons. (M)

80.  View the files as a List. (M)

81.  List Fonts by Similarity. (D)

82.  Select All the fonts. (M)

83.  Invert your selection. (M)

84.  Close the Fonts window. (E)


Answer Questions 85-91 pertaining to the same task


85.  Open the Multimedia icon (E)

86.  In the Audio Tab, move all Playback Volumes to their highest setting (D)

87.  Move each Recording Volume to its lowest setting (D)

88.  Change the Recording Quality to Telephone Quality (D)

89.  In the Video Tab, show video in Full Screen (D)

90.  In the MIDI Tab, change the MIDI Output to Custom Configuration (D)

91.  Cancel these changes (E)


Answer Questions 92-100 pertaining to the same task


92.  Open the Display menu (D)

93.  Change the Wallpaper on the desktop to clouds (D)

94.  Display the wallpaper in tile format (D)

95.  Apply this to the desktop (E)

96.  Open the Internet Options (D)

97.  Change the Homepage to (D)

98.  Set the History folder to 20 days (D)

99.  Change the amount of Disk space to use to 60 MB (D)

100.    Cancel these selections (E)