Programs: Microsoft PowerPoint: Lesson #6

Lesson #6: Multiple Choice Questions
 Main objectives of this lesson:
  • Test knowledge on the topic of PowerPoint
Lesson #6: Title: Multiple Choice Questions

 Please submit your answers to your professor using the document provided. Click here for document. Save to your computer and print out to hand in class.

1.  Where is the Microsoft PowerPoint file located?

  1. Online

  2. Microsoft Word

  3. On the Programs menu

  4. My Documents folder


2.  In the print box how would you change the slides from printing vertical to printing horizontal?

  1. You can not change the direction they print

  2. Go to Print What and select Notes Page

  3. Check Frame Slides

  4. Click Horizontal, found under the Handouts section


3.  How would you best end a slide show early?

  1. Press the Esc button

  2. Keep clicking the mouse until the last slide appears

  3. Press the Enter key

  4. Press the End key


4.  To change the text of any slide you must delete all text held within the text box?

  1. True

  2. False


5.  To print only three slides per page one must?

  1. Select Slides under the Print What section

  2. Find the Print Range section, click slides and enter the number three

  3. Under the Handouts section one must select three from the slides per page section.

  4. Select number of copies to be three


6.  To show a slide show presentation you click on which menu?

  1. The File menu

  2. The Slide Show menu

  3. The Insert menu

  4. The View menu


7.  After highlighting text, pressing the Delete button does what?

  1. Deletes all un-highlighted text

  2. Deletes all the text on the page

  3. Deletes the highlighted text

  4. Causes the highlighted text to become bolded


8.  To print a slide show one must click what?

  1. The File menu and select Print

  2. Click the Print menu

  3. Ask the office assistant to perform the print job

  4. Click the Tools menu and select printer


9. Are transitions and animations effects the same?

  1. True

  2. False


10. Which one of these would be considered as a Transition Effect?

  1. Box In/Out

  2. Appear

  3. Fly

  4. Blinds


11. What are some disadvantages of using Microsoft PowerPoint?

  1. Control the type of effect you deem necessary for a certain presentation

  2. Using too many flashy transitions or animations that could get overwhelming for the eyes of the audience.

  3. Gets people more involved

  4. It enhances the presentation


12. What command would you follow to find the animation effects?

  1. File > Open > Animation

  2. Format > Object > Animation Effects

  3.  Slide Show > Custom Animation

  4. Tools > Add-Ins > Animation


13. Practicing too much before a presentation could make you very nervous and not help you out?

  1. True

  2.  False


14. Having different transitions and animation effects on each slide will make you presentation better?

  1. True

  2. False


15. Transition effects must be picked carefully because once you add it to the presentation there is no way you can change it or undo it?

  1. True

  2. False


16. When doing animation effects the timing is set automatically set by Microsoft PowerPoint?

  1. Yes, PowerPoint knows how much time it is needed in the animation effect I am using.

  2. No, I have to set it either by indicating how much time I want it to occur or by using the mouse.

  3. No, You cant see timing to the animation effects

  4. Both (b) and (c) 


17. The toolbar used to open, save, and print PowerPoint presentations is:

  1. Formatting toolbar

  2. Drawing toolbar

  3. Standard toolbar

  4. Status bar


18. What is the purpose of PowerPoint?

  1. To make graphs and charts

  2. To make presentations easier to present

  3. To write a paper for science class

  4. To make pictures


19. Which view displays many of the slides at once and allows you to see the overall effect of the presentation?

  1. Slide View

  2. Normal View

  3. Outline View

  4. Slide Sorter View


20.  Which is NOT a method of presenting a PowerPoint presentation?

  1. Overhead transparencies

  2. Handouts

  3. World Wide Web

  4. Writing it on the board 


21.  What shouldn’t you use when saving a file?

  1. Spaces

  2. Periods

  3. Letters

  4. Both A and B

22.  Who does the notes page view benefit?

  1. The speaker

  2. Students

  3. The computer

  4. No one


22. What is a design template used for?

  1. Adding graphics to the slide

  2. To start the presentation

  3. To add a color scheme and arrange various elements

  4. All of the above


23.  To fit a graphic or clip art on to a slide you can change the;

  1. Design Template
  2. Slide Layout
  3. Color Scheme
  4. Outline


24. The Slide Layout function is found in the _____ menu.

  1. Format
  2. Edit
  3. Tools
  4. Slideshow


25. What buttons can be pressed in order to return to the beginning of the presentation?

  1. Enter + Shift

  2. Alt + Ctrl

  3. Shift + Home

  4. Ctrl + Home


26. When adding clip art, how do you alter the size of the picture?

  1. Pull at the corners 

  2. Right click the middle

  3. Left click the center

  4. All of the above  


27. When adding animation effects how do you know what the animation will look like before you apply it?

  1. Click order and timing

  2. Chart effects

  3. Multimedia settings

  4. Preview


28. When adding transition effects, what view should you be in?

  1. Slide sorter 

  2. Normal

  3. Slide show


29. When adding summary slides what view should you be in?

  1. Slide sorter 

  2. Normal  

  3. Slide show


30. What appears on the summary slide once it is created?

  1. Titles of all the slides

  2. A brief paragraph

  3. A picture and final message


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