Programs: Microsoft PowerPoint: Lesson #2

Lesson #2: In this lesson we will learn how to actually create the PowerPoint presentation.  After becoming familiar with the various applications of PowerPoint, you can apply them to make your own presentation.  
Main objectives of this lesson:
Lesson #2: Title:  Creating a Presentation
Objective # 1 Office Assistant

Office Assistant is a very easy way to get help in any Microsoft Office program. There are different assistants to choose from.

Lets give it a try:
  1. Click Help found in the menu bar
  2. Scroll and then click on Show the Office Assistant
  3. The assistant will appear on the screen. Click on the assistant at any time and type in the topic you would like help on.
  4. Click Search
  5. To hide the assistant, right click on the assistant and click on Hide
Objective # 2 Starting PowerPoint
It is very easy to start PowerPoint.
Lets give it a try:
  1. Click Start (desktop menu bar)
  2. Drag and click Programs
  3. Drag and click Microsoft PowerPoint


Objective # 3 Creating Slides

Begin by opening a blank document and selecting the first or title slide.  In order to place your text into the document, click on the areas that say to do so, and begin typing. When finished, advance to the next slide by either pressing “enter” when the curser is on the outline, at the end of the last slide; or by pulling down the “insert” menu and selecting the “new slide” option. 

Objective # 4 Slide Layout
Slide Layouts help in positioning information on each slide. There are 24 of these slide layouts to choose from, which are helpful if you plan to add clip art, graphs or charts. The placeholders establish the position of each object.
Lets give it a try,
  1. Click on the Format menu
  2. Scroll down and click Slide Layout
  3. Choose which layout you want and click Apply

Objective # 5 Choosing a Design Template

A Design Template will change the color scheme and arrangement of the various elements on the slides; such as font and alignment. 

Lets give it a try,
  1. Pull down the Format menu
  2. Click on Design Template
  3. Choose a template and click Apply

Objective # 6 Saving a Presentation
It is very important to constantly save your presentation. You do not want your information to disappear and become lost.
Lets give it a try:
  1. Click on the File menu
  2. Scroll and click on Save As
  3. Scroll to the proper place in Save In
  4. Enter the name of the file in the file name area
  5. Click the Save button





Lesson Review

In this lesson we covered how to create a PowerPoint presentation. You learned:
  • Office Assistant is a great aide that is easy to use
  • PowerPoint is located in the Start menu under Programs
  • Pressing enter when outside a slide creates a new slide
  • Slide Layouts help to position information
  • Design Templates give the presentation a color scheme and arrange the information
  • It is important to save documents many times

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Programs: Microsoft PowerPoint: Lesson #2