Programs: Microsoft PowerPoint: Lesson # 1

Lesson #1:  In this lesson we will learn the basics of PowerPoint and how to use the program.
Main objectives of this lesson:  
Lesson #1: Title: Introduction to PowerPoint
Objective # 1 Purpose of PowerPoint

The Purpose of PowerPoint is to create a professional presentation. The PowerPoint application is straightforward and easy to use. The program simplifies information and makes it easier for the viewer to comprehend.
Objective # 2 Methods of Presentation
The PowerPoint presentation can be delivered in many ways. The presenter can show the slide show using a computer or the world wide web. You can also print the slides out onto overhead transparencies or 35 mm slides. It is also easy to provide handouts to the audience to make it easy for them to follow.
Objective # 3 Menu Bar
The purpose of the menu bar is to provide access to the pull down menus required to run PowerPoint. These pull down menus include File, Edit, View, Insert, Format, Tools, Slide Show, Window, and Help. Most of the functions necessary to make a slide show can be found within these pull down menus.
Objective # 4 Toolbars
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In PowerPoint there are the Standard toolbar, Formatting toolbar,  and Drawing toolbar. The Standard toolbar includes buttons for the simplest commands needed to run the program. This includes open, save, and print.  The Formatting toolbar contains options for formatting the text of the slide. This includes font name, size, bold, italic, and underline. The Drawing toolbar is located at the bottom of the screen. It contains additional buttons for working on the slides.
Objective # 5 Different Views
There are 6 different views to decide from when creating and showing your PowerPoint presentation. The Slide View shows one slide at a time. It allows  you to work on each slide on its own. The Slide Sorter View shows many slides on the screen at once. It makes it easier to move the position of the slide in the presentation. It also allows the presenter to see the overall effect of the presentation. The Outline View shows the presentation in outline form. It shows the text that will be on each slide. The Notes Page View is mostly used for the speaker. It is a way for the speaker to print out his/her presentation and have notes that he/she will only see at the bottom of each slide. The Normal View displays the outline, slide, and notes section on one screen. The Slide Show View is used when the presenter is delivering the presentation to an audience. It enlarges each slides and allows the special effects to be used.
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Lesson Review

In this lesson we covered the basics of PowerPoint. You learned :
  • PowerPoint helps to make professional presentations
  • Menu bar contains pull down menus
  • Standard, Formatting, and Drawing toolbar
  • There are 6 different views that have different purposes. Slide, slide sorter, outline, notes page, normal, and slide show view


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Programs: Microsoft PowerPoint: Lesson #1