FrontPage 2000 Vocabulary

List of vocabulary: The vocabulary lists important terms and its definitions for FrontPage 2000. Either click on the links below to get to each lesson or scroll down the page.

Lesson #1 Vocab

Lesson #2 Vocab

Lesson #3 Vocab

Lesson #1: Developing a FrontPage Web

Navigation View: draws the Web as an organization chart and allows drag-and-drop to rearrange the structure of the Web as needs of organization changes.


Shared Borders: used to display the banner and a Navigation bar on each page in the Web.  The borders are standardized across the Site.


Banner: used to display standard content such as the name of the company and optional navigation buttons


Navigation Bars: are found within shared borders display buttons that help the user navigate through the Web Site to relevant areas of the Site.


Child Pages: Pages with less importance than the home page are called child pages because they are of equal relevance inside the Web Site.


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Lesson #2: More Sophisticated Pages

Multimedia Gallery: part of the Microsoft Software package.  Place where graphics are loaded and transferable to FrontPage Web Pages.


Thumbnail Image: The smaller version of an image in a document.  Click on a thumbnail, and the image will be enlarged.


Hotspot (or Clickable image map): These are images with associated hyperlinks.  Can take the form of a button, graphic or graphic with text.


Hit Counter: a feature that simply counts the number of visitors to a particular Web Page


Reports View: displays the Site summary of everything going on with the Web Site


Folders View: similar to Navigation View; however, it allows the creator to move multiple files at once.


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Lesson #3: Publishing the Web

Publish Web Command: transfers all the pages, images, folders, navigation structure, link, etc to a designated target.


Target: the Web Server that will receive the completed Web.


FrontPage Server Extensions: software that allows for hit counters and similar tools to operate on a Web.


Search Form: allows for visitors to search your Web Site using a keyword


Web Server:  a computer that runs the necessary software and has the telecommunications hardware to present the HTML pages to the Internet


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