Programs: Microsoft FrontPage 2000: Summary


Here is the Summary of the second half of FrontPage 2000..
Objectives of the Summary
  • What FrontPage 2000 does
  • Recap how it helps in Web creation
  • Discuss facility with images
  • Easy Maintenance of site post-creation
  • Reiterate importance of updating
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Objective # 1 Summary

FrontPage does many different things, most importantly allows the creation of Web Sites.
It also makes maintenance easier. Another special feature is that it is constantly updating indexes which saves the internal structure of the Web Site.

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Objective # 2 Summary
Page Design and Top-Down design both aid in the construction of Webs since they are both accomplished in Navigation View and Web Wizard
Banners, hit counters, Navigation Bars, images and texts are all part of the Shared Borders that run as a common thread to each Web Site.
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Objective # 3 Summary
Images are perhaps the most important mark of an excellent Web Page.  They  can add so much, but can also detract attention from visitors.
Thumbnails and Hot Spots can add so much to a Site.  It shows effort and care in creation and is also an outlet for more information.
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Objective # 4 Summary
Maintaining and Completing the Site is obviously the ultimate goal and FrontPage 2000 facilitates that process.
Make absolutely sure that everything is properly cited on the Site prior to publication to avoid legal inquiry.
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Lesson Review

In the summary we covered:


  • Everything that was covered in the first 5 lessons and the PowerPoint presentation

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Programs: Microsoft FrontPage 2000: Summary