Programs: Microsoft FrontPage 2000: Lesson 5

In Lesson Five, Publication and Maintenance are discussed
The Objective are to teach the following:
  • Maintaining the Site
  • Getting on the Internet
  • Publishing the Web Site
  • What is a Web server
  • What is a Hit Counter
Objective # 1 Maintaining the Site

As the Site grows, there are many detail that need to be monitored.
Make sure that all of the technology is up-to-date and that none of the information is outdated either
Reorganizing folders and creating new ones while updating ones that are outdated
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Objective # 2 Getting on the Internet
In order to accomplish this, the Site needs to be attached to a Web Server.
This is the goal once the Site has been created.  Why would anyone create a Site that no one could see?
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Objective # 3 Publishing the Web Site
The FrontPage Web Command transfers all items (images, pages, folders, Navigation bars) to the specified Web Server
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Objective # 4 What is a Web Server
A Web Server is a centralized computer  that allows for Web Sites to be published and reach the Internet.
Do not forget, rights must be obtained in order to get onto the Internet
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Objective # 5 Hit Counters
Hit Counters are the best way to check the progress of the Web Site.  The hit counter counts the number of times that a Site is visited.
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Lesson Review

You learned how to:
  •  Maintain and Publish the Web Site once it is completed.
  • What other option and methods there are to finish a Site


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Programs: Microsoft FrontPage 2000: Lesson 5