Programs: Microsoft FrontPage 2000: Lesson 4

Lesson 4 describes and teaches how to Complete a Web Page on FrontPage 2000
  • What is Web File Naming
  • How to Web File
  • Completing a Site
  • Copyrighting a Site
Objective # 1 What is Web File Naming?


Merely naming and saving a Web File
When you save the homepage, it will automatically be saved at index.htm or default.htm
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Objective # 2 How to Web File
When saving Web pages, be sure to keep the names simple and associative so it is easy to remember as the number of pages you create increases.  Always use lowercase letters to and do not use special characters name your Web File.
Minimize the number of characters (usually 8) that are in the Web File name since not all computers recognize larger ones
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Objective # 3 Completing a Site
I have a Web Site.
Every piece of every Web Page is in order and in its place.
Make sure all graphics and animation are set correctly, be sure to use the preview tab that FrontPage provides in the bottom.  This will show how each page will appear to all of its visitors.
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Objective # 4 Copyrighting the Site
There are many laws about copyrighting that should be taken into account when the Site has been completed.
Be sure to note any and all Web Sites, books, and periodicals in your Site, that you have used.
If there are concerns about copyrighting remember it is always safer to leave out the found material or go to a library and do research on how to properly give credit to the source.
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Lesson Review

In this lesson we learned:
  • What Web filing is
  • How to do it
  • How to make sure the Site is complete
  • Making sure all copyrights are handled appropriately

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Programs: Microsoft FrontPage 2000: Lesson #4