Programs: Microsoft FrontPage2000: Lesson #2

Lesson #2:  In this lesson we will show you how to do page design
Main Objectives
  • Page layout
  • Banner
  • Shared borders
  • Navigation bars
  • Creating a template
Lesson #2 Page Design
Objective # 1 Page Layout

Breakdown of webpages
A webpage can be broken into three different parts: shared borders, page banners, and navigation bars which include child pages.
Objective # 2 Banner
A banner will display something like the name of a company on the top of the page.
The banner will also show other navigation buttons that are needed like the table of contents all throughout the site, like shown on the left side of the page.
Objective # 3 Shared Borders

Programs: Microsoft FrontPage2000: Lesson #2

With each page that you will create the borders need to be uniform throughout.
The border will appear behind the navigation bar and the banner.  As you can see here the green is consistent through this site.
Objective # 4 Navigation Bars
College Football
Soccer |
The are used to help show you the buttons that you need to find helpful areas throughout the page
Child pages are used to go either up or down a level on the page
This is part of what's navigation bar looks like.  It appears on the left side of the page.
Objective # 5 Creating a Template
You choose the banners, navigation bars, tables, and the other parts of the page
The most important thing to remember when creating a template is to just be original and create the page how you want it to look

Lesson Review

In this lesson we talked to you about page design.
  •  Page Layout:  breakdown of pages
  •  Banner:  displays something on the top of the page
  •  Shared borders:  make sure they are uniform throughout the page
  •  Navigation Bars:  help you move to different areas on the page
  •  Creating a Template:  you get to decide what you want the page to look like

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Programs: Microsoft FrontPage 2000: Lesson #2