Programs: Microsoft FrontPage 2000: Lesson #1

Lesson #1:  In this lesson we are going learn learn about structuring your Web Page
Main Objectives For Lesson #1
  • Navigation View
  • Top Down
  • Drag and Drop
Lesson #1: Structuring the Web Page
Objective # 1 Navigation View

Gives an overview
With the Navigation View, you are able to see what your web page will look like.  As you add more pages to the site the bigger it gets.
Fit Pieces Together
As you add each page to the site, you are able to place where they go in Top Down.  Navigation View just allows you to view what everything will look like.
Objective # 2 Top Down
Linking in an outline
As you create each individual page, Top Down allows you to place each page in a certain order using drag and drop
Objective # 3 Drag and Drop
Process of creating the outline
This is a simple process of simply dragging individual page files which will appear in the folder list on the left of the page, and dropping them into the outline in Top Down.  Literally click a file starting with your homepage, hold down the left click button and drag it into the desired area.

Lesson Review

In this lesson we learned how to create an outline to create the best possible Navigation View for your web site.  By using Drag and Drop, everything is done very easily.
  •  Navigation View
  •  Top Down
  •  Drag and Drop

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Programs: Microsoft FrontPage 2000: Lesson #1