Programs: Microsoft FrontPage 2000



Microsoft FrontPage 2000  is a program that is designed primarily for creating Web Sites. It makes this very easy by enabling us to do so without knowing HTML or any other difficult programming languages.


Here is a summary of the main purposes of the program:

  • Creating Web sites
  • Enhancing Web Sites
  • Publishing Web Sites
  • Maintaining Web Sites
  • etc.

Here is a list of lessons and what will be learned in each.




Lesson 1: 

In this lesson you are going learn learn about structuring your Web Page

Lesson #1

Lesson 2: 

In this lesson we will show you how to do page design

Lesson #2

Lesson 3: 

In this lesson we will learn how to spice up your website

Lesson #3

Lesson 4:

In this lesson we describe and teach how to Complete a Web Page on FrontPage 2000

Lesson #4

Lesson 5:

In this lesson Publication and Maintenance are discussed

Lesson #5


  • What FrontPage 2000 does
  • Recap how it helps in Web creation
  • Discuss facility with images
  • Easy Maintenance of site post-creation
  • Reiterate importance of updating



The vocabulary lists important terms and its definitions for FrontPage 2000


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Answer Key:

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Programs: Microsoft FrontPage 2000