Oral Communication

Description:  We learn how to speak in public as well as basic concepts in communication

Expected Grade:  This class is a lot of work but is not too hard -  A

History of the Ancient Mediterranean World

Description:  We learn about the history, culture, and accomplishments of ancient civilizations such as the Mesopotamians, Egyptians, Greeks,  and

                      Romans.  We also read historical literature from Thucydides and Polybius.

Expected Grade:  This is a great class if you enjoy history which I do -  A

Business Computing

Description:  We learn about the basic concepts of computer functions as well as how to use Microsoft Office.

Expected Grade:  This is a valuable class because it teaches real world skills but its a lot of work -  A-

Accounting I

Description:  We learn the principles and terminology of accounting in the business world

Expected Grade:  This is a pretty tough introductory level course - B+


Description:  We learn about the physical processes that govern the Earth both on the surface and in the interior.  Everything from rocks to volcanoes

                     to oceans to erosion is covered.

Expected grade:  Very broad course.  Lots of terminology and memorization -  A