Joseph Alfredo Navarro





-I was born in Maryland on June 5, 1984.  As a baby I was fun and energetic.  I was always getting my hands on sport balls, whether it be a foot ball, baseball or a tennis ball.  I loved to play with balls.  So as I got older my parents signed me up to play sports.






-I resided in Maryland my entire childhood.  Throughout this period I spent my time playing sports and playing with my neighborhood friends.  A typical day involved me going to school and returning home to play with my friends all through the afternoon.  I learned to play baseball, tennis and basketball during this time as well.







-Presently I am attending the University of Maryland, where I plan to become a business major.  My days involved attending classes, working out, studying and running game.  However, college times are fast times and sooner or later I will be looking for a job to start a new chapter in my life.