Space Travel Inc



To provide customers with the adventure of a lifetime- a trip to outer space.  Customers would pay for passage on board a shuttle that would take them on a flight around the moon and back providing breath-taking views and memories.


To be the first company of this kind in the world

To provide this opportunity to as many people as possible which means at the lowest price possible

To ensure each customer has an amazing time and recommends Space Travel to their friends

Growth Strategy

At first, trips will be very expensive since flying in space cannot come cheaply.  This means our market will originally be very wealthy people such as celebrities and top businessmen.  Eventually, we look expand the operation, lower costs, and make these trips affordable to more and more people.

Why the world needs Space Travel Inc

No other company in the world has dared to start this business.  We recognize the untapped market for outer space travel.  There are billions of dollars to be made in the yet  unfounded industry and Space Travel will become the pioneering company of the 21st century.


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