FrontPage Chapter 2 Projects

Directions:  Create the following Web pages in FrontPage and save as directed.  Topics covered are creating, enhancing, publishing, and maintaining web sites.


Individual Projects

FrontPage Chapter 2 Project 1 – Favorite Activities  

FrontPage Chapter 2 Project 2 – Favorite Websites

FrontPage Chapter 2 Project 3 – Company Logos 

FrontPage Chapter 2 Project 4 – Potential Business

FrontPage Chapter 2 Project 5 – Favorite Hobby

FrontPage Chapter 2 Project 6 – My Webpage

FrontPage Chapter 2 Project 7 – Fictional Company

FrontPage Chapter 2 Project 8 – About Rwanda

FrontPage Chapter 2 Project 9 – Autobiography

FrontPage Chapter 2 Project 10 – Resume

FrontPage Chapter 2 Project 11 – Annual School Event

FrontPage Chapter 2 Project 12 – Classes

FrontPage Chapter 2 Project 13 – Movies Project

FrontPage Chapter 2 Project 14 – Vacation Spots

FrontPage Chapter 2 Project 15 – Guest Book


Group Projects

FrontPage Chapter 2 Project 16 – Phone and E-Mail Directory

FrontPage Chapter 2 Project 17 – Mountain Gorilla

FrontPage Chapter 2 Project 18 – Continents

FrontPage Chapter 2 Project 19 – Favorite Foods

FrontPage Chapter 2 Project 20 – Baseball Website


Project 1 - Favorite Activities

Create a web page listing your favorite activities, using hyperlinks and a background theme.


  1. Title the website “My Favorite Activities”
  2. Number and list each activity, from your most favorite to your least.
  3. Next to each activity, link to a website associated with it.
  4. Insert a dark-colored background theme.
  5. Save as FP2Proj01Solution.


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Project 2 - Favorite Websites

Create a web page that lists five of your favorite websites, using hyperlinks and descriptions of the sites.


  1. Title the website “My Favorite Websites” in red, Times New Roman, 5(18pt) font.
  2. Link your five favorite website names to their URL.
  1. The text to display for each hyperlink should be different from its web address.
  2. Underneath each link, briefly explain what the website is.
  3. Leave a space in between each link.
  4. Insert a background theme.
  5. Save the file as FP2Proj02Solution.


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Project 3 - Company Logos

Give credit to companies that are sponsoring an event, using hotspots to link images to its appropriate website.


  1. Title the website “Corporate Sponsors” in bold, Ariel, 6(24pt) font.
  2. Underneath the title, in a smaller font, thank the sponsors.
  3. Insert 5 graphic images that show the logo of companies.
  4. Link those images to the company's official website.
  5. Insert a light colored background.
  6. Save the file as FP2Proj03Solution.


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Project 4 - Potential Business

You are now going to create contact page for a potential business, using headers, bullets, and e-mail links.


  1. Quickly create a name for this imaginary business and use it as the title for your page.  Center it and change the style to Header 2.
  2. Provide viewers of this page with a phone number, fax number, name of contact (yourself), and your e-mail address. Use the bullet format and change the font of the text appropriately to make it more appealing.
  3. Highlight the e-mail address text and hyperlink it to the actual address.
  4. Now change the theme of the page to give it a more professional look.
  5. Save the file as FP2Proj04Solution.


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Project 5 - Favorite Hobby

Create a website about your favorite hobby, using Clip Art, hotspots, and comments.


  1. Open FrontPage and begin with a new document.
  2. Pick a favorite theme, sport or hobby and insert a graphic that relates to whatever you chose.
  3. You can insert a picture saved on file or get one from Microsoft Clip Art. Adjust the size of the picture to your liking.
  1. Create an appropriate title for the document.  Center it and make it bold.
  2. Now choose a website that deals with the graphic you have inserted. Highlight the graphic and select the hyperlink icon. Link the graphic to the website you chose earlier.
  3. Include a comment saying what website they will be transported to.
  4. Save the file as FP2Proj05Solution.


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Project 6 - My Webpage

Create a webpage that describes yourself, using hyperlinks and separate sections. 


  1. Have a section for biography, hobbies, and interesting facts about yourself.
  2. Create a link within each category to a website related to that category.  For example, if you've listed sports as a hobby, you could link the word "sports" to
  3. Make the background a different color.
  4. Make the name of each section in larger, underlined font.
  5. Give the page an appropriate title.
  6. Insert a relevant picture at the top of the page.
  7. Save the file as FP2Proj06Solution.


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Project 7 - Fictional Company

Think of an idea for a company, using pictures and a background.


  1. Create a webpage describing this company.  Be sure to have sections for the purpose, goals, growth strategy, and why the world needs a company like yours.
  2. Insert a link to your fictional company's official website.
  3. Change the background color, and change the font of each heading to make them stand out.  Title the page as well.
  4. Insert a picture related to your company.
  5. Save the page as FP2Proj07Solution.


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Project 8 - About Rwanda

Create a webpage describing Rwanda, using images and citing sources. 


  1. Have sections for population statistics, national symbols, and famous landmarks.
  2. Add an image of Rwanda's flag to the top of the page.
  3. Add an image of Africa or more local map showing Rwanda.
  4. Make the background a different color.
  5. Make the name of each section in a larger, underlined font.
  6. Give the page an appropriate title.
  7. Cite the source of your information at the bottom of the page.
  8. Save the page as FP2Proj08Solution.


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Project 9 - Autobiography

You are now going to create an autobiographical webpage, using horizontal lines, subtopics, and bookmarks.


  1. Open up a new document in FrontPage.
  2. Use your name as the title of the page. Center it and change the style to heading 1. Next insert a horizontal line underneath your name to serve as a page break.
  3. Now you’re going to divide your biographical page into 3 subtopics: Birth, Childhood and Present.  Write out the subtopics underneath each other on separate lines.
  4. Place another line underneath your topics. Now write a brief description of your life with respect to each subtopic. After each section leave several open lines to avoid making it look cluttered.
  5. Before each brief description, create a bookmark and name it appropriately. Now you will hyperlink the subtopics to it respective section within the page. This will allow readers to move around the page with more ease.
  6. Save the file as FP2Proj09Solution.


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Project 10 – Resume

Post your resume online so future employers can see it easily, using alignment, bullets, and e-mail.


  1. Insert your personal information at the top and right-aligned, including your address, phone number, and e-mail address. 
  2. Next have your name left-aligned, in a large font.
  3. Your resume should have topics such as education, work experience, awards, and references that the employer can contact.
  4. Bolden each topic title.
  5. For each topic, include bullets for the details.  Make sure to use dates and locations to be descriptive.
  6. Include relevant hyperlinks to e-mail addresses and your school website.
  7. Save as FP2Proj10Solution.


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Project 11 - Annual School Event

You are now going to create a page that will publicize an annual event at your school, using tables and marquees. 


  1. Create a table consisting of 2 columns and one row. In one column insert a picture a turtle or whatever you think is appropriate.  In the other column insert the name of the festival and the school it will be held. Make the text heading 1 style.
  1. Next insert a horizontal line to serve as a page break.
  2. Under the line and write the word "terrapin". Center it and make it bold. Skip a line.
  3. Now create a marquee of moving text. The text should send an invitation to all those who would like to go while stating the date of the event. Adjust the marquee settings to your liking.
  4. Now click the preview tab to see how your page would look.
  5. Save the file as FP2Proj11Solution.


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Project 12 - Classes

Create a webpage outlining the classes you are taking this semester, using font variety and background color. 


  1. Have a heading with the name of each class in large, bold font.
  2. Give a 1-2 sentence description of each class.
  3. Offer your opinion on the class so far and what grade you expect to earn.
  4. Change the font of the grade to a font much larger than the rest of the text and make it a different color.  Assign each grade a color and keep it that way.  Example, make a grade of "A" red, "B" blue, etc.
  5. Change the background color and title the page.
  6. Insert a related picture under the title related to school.
  7. Save the page as FP2Proj12Solution.


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Project 13 – Movies Project

For this project you will create a web site concerned with your favorite movies, using a template, Clip Art, and hyperlinks.


  1. Create a template with a narrow, right-aligned body.
  2. Your Banner title should read "Jim's Movie Page."  The title should be size 24 font, centered, with blue lettering.
  3. In the left-hand column, make a bulleted list stating these movies:  "Top Gun," "The Usual Suspects,"  "Field of Dreams," and "Hoosiers."  Make sure the text is left-aligned.  Make the font size 14 and the line spacing 2.
  4.  On the main part of the page, first erase the give text, and then insert a clip art file of something to do with cinema in general, like a movie reel. Next to the clip art file, type "Links to My Favorite Movies."  Make what you just typed size 24 font and centered. 
  5. You should now create 4 hyperlinks below the title and clip art you just inserted.  The 4 links should be to any sites that relate to the movies Top Gun, The Usual Suspects, Field of Dreams, and Hoosiers, respectively.  The text for those four hyperlinks should read the title of their respective movies, not the websites you are linking to.  Center the hyperlinks underneath your title for the section
  6. You have now finished creating the web site.  Save the file as FP2Proj13Solution.


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Project 14 – Vacation Spots

You will now create a page listing your favorite vacation spots and linking them to a transportation service website, using header formats, bullets, and a background theme.


  1. Open a new FrontPage document. This page will deal with your favorite vacation spots across the world.
  2. Create a title for the page saying, "Best Vacation Spots." Center the title and change it to header 1 format. Also make the text red and italicized.
  3. Next, using the bullet icon, list five of your favorite vacation sites anywhere in the world.
  4. Link each location individually to (transportation service website)
  5. Beside each location, give a rating based on how fun the place is. Use a 1 to 10 scale, 10 being the best.
  6. Insert a horizontal line underneath the list of locations
  7. Include a summary of where the links will take the visitor and how it can help them reach the desired destinations. Make this text 18 font and bold.
  8. Finally change the theme of the page to an appropriate design. For example, "travel theme."
  9. Save the file as FP2Proj14Solution.


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Project 15 – Guest Book

For this project, you will create a guest book web page for the celebration of a wedding ceremony, using Clip Art, copyright dates, and deletions.


  1. Find the menu that lists the templates and select the one labeled Guest Book.
  2. Insert for the heading, The Marriage of Karen and Gordon Wells in italics and 36 pt. font.
  3. Center the heading you just made.
  4. To give the page a more welcoming feel please add a clip art file to the right of the comment box.  Make the clip art file one of celebration or a happy occasion.
  5. You still don't feel that the page is decorative enough.  To live it up, change the theme to Loose Gestures.
  6. At the bottom of the page where it says "Author information goes here," delete that comment and insert your name.  Change the copyright date to the current year.  Where it says in parentheses "Organization Name," delete that and insert Wells and Associates.  Change the date and time of the last line to the current date and time.
  7. Make the "Wells and Associates" phrase you entered a hyperlink.  Link it to
  8. You have now finished creating the web site.  Save the file as FP2Proj15Solution.


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Group Projects


Project 16 - Phone and E-Mail Directory

Keep track of group members by creating a directory, using tables and e-mail links.


  1. Title the website “Phone and E-Mail Directory,” and center it.
  2. Each group member is in charge of entering their own personal information.
  3. The table must have 3 columns and as many rows as there are group members.
  4. Label the first row with the centered titles "Name", "Phone", and "E-mail."
  5. Make the three titles in a bold, larger, and different font.
  6. Create e-mail links for the e-mail addresses.
  1. Insert a colored background.
  2. Save the file as FP2Proj16Solution.


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Project 17 – Mountain Gorilla

The Mountain Gorilla is classified as the native animal of Rwanda.  Create a website about this animal, using marquees, hotspots, and images from the Internet.


  1. Each group member should insert their favorite picture of the mountain gorilla from the Internet.
  2. Hyperlink the pictures to the website you got the picture from, so visitors can learn more about the animals.
  3. Include Marquee moving text underneath each picture with the website’s name and each group member’s name in capital letters.
  1. Each Marquee should span the distance of each picture’s width.
  2. Save it as FP2Proj17Solution.


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Project 18 - Continents

Create a web site about the seven continents in the world, using tables and images.


  1. Each group member is in charge of researching and formatting at least one continent’s information on FrontPage.
  2. Make a 8 x 3 table with the following headings:

1)      Continent Name

2)      Map

3)      Associated Web Site

  1. Bolden and Italicize the headings
  2. In the first column list the 7 continents in alphabetical order
  3. In the second column find a map of each continent.  Each member should find their picture from a different website.
  4. In the third column link a web site that is associated with the each continent.  Make sure to find an educational site that will have plenty of interesting information.
  5. Adjust the sizes of the pictures to ensure that the web page is aesthetically pleasing and put together well.
  6. Save the file as FP2Proj18Solution.


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Project 19 - Favorite Foods

Create a webpage of your favorite foods, using font color and images. 


  1. Break them down by categories into drinks, "junk food", and healthy food.  Each group member is in charge of one category.
  2. Make sure to compare your specific foods with each member.  An item in one category cannot overlap into another category.
  3. Link a food in each category to a website related to that food.  For example, link Coca-Cola to its website
  4. Have the text color of each food be related to the color of that food.  For example, under drinks, the words "coca-cola" would be in red.
  1. Include a picture in each category of one of the foods.
  2. Make the background a different color.
  3. Make the name of each section in a larger, underlined font.
  4. Give the page an appropriate title.
  5. Save the page as FP2Proj19Solution.


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Project 20 – Baseball Website

Create a website that links to other web pages, using a photographic image, copyright, and statistics.


  1. Make a title for the web page that is centered at the top of the page and written in red ink.  It should read. “Dematha Baseball” in size 36 pt. font.
  2. Centered underneath the heading, in italicized text and in red ink, write each group member’s name.  This text should be in size 18pt. font.
  3. Now go to web site and click on the link for the athletics department.  Find the baseball web site and insert the team photo for this year’s baseball team in your web page.
  4. Make sure that the photo has a proper copyright written underneath of the picture.  The text should be centered underneath of the picture and in size 8 pt. font.
  5. Change the theme of the page to Cascade.
  6. Save this page as FP2Proj20ASolution.
  7. Now open a new blank page.  Make the theme of this page Cascade also.
  8. Insert a 2x5 table below the heading.  The 5 titles for the columns should read Age, Weight, Height, Batting Average, and Home Runs.
  9. Center the 5 headings and make the text bold.
  10. Underneath the column headings, beginning with Age, type 16, 170, 5’10”, .342, and 1.
  11. Repeat steps f.-h. as many times as there are members and enter in different statistics for each member.
  12. Save each page you link to as FP2Proj20BSolution, FP2Proj20CSolution, and so on for as many members in the group.


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