FrontPage 2 Exam Questions


Directions:  Open the directed file in FrontPage for each exam and make the following edits.  Save the file as directed.


Exam A Questions 1 – 10

Exam B Questions 11 – 19

Exam C Questions 20 – 28

Exam D Questions 29 – 37

Exam E Questions 38 – 45

Exam F Questions 46 – 55

Exam G Questions 56 – 66

Exam H Questions 67 – 74

Exam I Questions 75 – 83

Exam J Questions 84 – 92

Exam K Questions 93 – 99

Exam L Questions 100 – 106


Exam A


Edit a bibliography for a research paper.

Ø      Open “FP2ExamDataA” in FrontPage.


1.      Add the title “Bibliography” in font size “6 (24pt).” (E)

2.      Center the title. (E)

3.      Hyperlink the publishers’ names to their actual websites.  For example, McGraw-Hill’s website is (D)

4.      Changed the revised date to today’s date. (M)

5.      Insert horizontal lines above and below the three entries. (M)

6.      Change the font size of the three entries to “4 (14pt).” (E)

7.      Change the font type to “Arial.” (E)

8.      Change the theme to “Blends.” (D)

9.      Arrange the entries in alphabetical order. (M)

10.  Save the file as FP2ExamAnswersA. (E)


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Exam B


Edit a webpage that answers frequently asked questions by customers.

Ø      Open “FP2ExamDataB” in FrontPage.


11.  Insert a title at the top with a bold, Times New Roman, 5(18pt) font. (E)

12.  Insert a picture related to school from Clip Art and place it next to the title. (M)

13.  Insert hyperlinks underneath each section link back to the top of the document. (M)

14.  Bookmark the first question, “How do I get good grades in school?” with the bookmark name “how.” (D)

15.  Bookmark the second question with the bookmark name “who.” (D)

16.  Bookmark the third question with the bookmark name “what.” (D)

17.  Bookmark the fourth question with the bookmark name “when.” (D)

18.  Hyperlink the first four lines to its respective bookmark.  For example, hyperlink “How do I ... ?” with its bookmark “how.” (D)

19.  Save the file as FP2ExamAnswersB. (E)


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Exam C


Edit an online dictionary.

Ø      Open “FP2ExamDataC” in FrontPage.


Change the font of the title to Courier.

20.  Change the size of the font to “5(18pt).” (E)

21.  Make the title color red and bold. (E)

22.  Hyperlink the last four words to its definition in an online dictionary’s webpage. (D)

23.  Change the link to the word “abase” to the dictionary used for the other words. (D)

24.  Change the font of the words to “4(14pt).” (E)

25.  Change the background color to silver. (M)

26.  On the bottom, insert a Marquee of moving text that says which dictionary you used. (D)

27.  Make the Marquee background color aqua. (D)

28.  Save the file as FP2ExamAnswersC. (E)


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Exam D


Edit a personal website.

Ø      Open “FP2ExamDataD” in FrontPage.


29.  Change the name in the upper left corner to your name. (E)

30.  Change the date to today's date. (M)

31.  Type the name of your class on the next line. (E)

32.  Make the title say "My Practice Website" (E)

33.  Alter text font to "Arial" (E)

34.  Make the font size of the title "36" (E)

35.  Center the title on the page. (E)

36.  Make the background color of the page "red.” (M)

37.  Save the file as FP2ExamAnswersD. (E)


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Exam E


Edit a website about computers.

Ø      Open “FP2ExamDataE” in FrontPage.


38.  Add an image of a computer centered to the page below the title. (M)

39.  Change the font back to "18" and return the justification to "left" (E)

40.  Move the cursor down 3 lines by hitting "enter" and type the heading "Computers" (M)

41.  Underline and italicize this text. (E)

42.  Under this heading, type a sentence or two about computers. (M)

43.  Indent this sentence and change its font to "century" (M)

44.  Hit "enter" 3 times to create some space and insert a horizontal line. (M)

45.  Save the file as FP2ExamAnswersE. (E)


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Exam F


Edit a website about companies.

Ø      Open “FP2ExamDataF” in FrontPage.


46.  Hit "enter" 2 times and then insert a table. (D)

47.  Make it three columns and three rows. (D)

48.  Label the three columns as "PC Manufacturer", "Sales" and "Customers" and make them size "24" font. (M)

49.  Label the 2 rows as "Dell" and "Gateway.” (M)

50.  Enter some numbers into the remaining four cells. (M)

51.  Link the word "Dell" to the Dell website, (M)

52.  Do the same for Gateway, (M)

53.  Center all the typing in each cell. (M)

54.  Hit "enter" three times and then insert another horizontal line. (M)

55.  Save the file as FP2ExamAnswersF. (E)


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Exam G


Edit a website about

Ø      Open “FP2ExamDataG” in FrontPage.


56.  Change the theme of the page to Bars (D)

57.  In the right-hand column, insert the title (M)

58.  Make the title you just wrote in size 24 font and red ink.  Also center the title. (M)

59.  In the subheading bar underneath your heading, type “Best Action Shot.” (E)

60.  Make the subheading in size 10 font and red ink.  Center it also. (M)

61.  Go to and find a good action photo.  Paste the photo in the body of the column underneath the subheading. (M)

62.  Make sure there is a proper copyright written underneath the photo you obtained from (D)

63.  Alter the photo of planet Earth by changing its alignment to the bottom. (D)

64.  Give the photo a border thickness of 10. (D)

65.  Make the clip art file of the baseball player in the center of the page a hotspot.  It should hyperlink to (D)

66.  Save the file as FP2ExamAnswersG. (E)


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Exam H


 Edit a website about hyper linking.

Ø      Open “FP2ExamDataH” in FrontPage.


67.  Delete the text that is written in the middle column. (E)

68.  Copy any photo off the Internet and paste it in the middle column where you just deleted the text. (M)

69.  Hyperlink the clip art file of the lion to the web address where you got your photo in step 2 from. (D)

70.  Put the correct copyright information underneath the photo. (D)

71.  Change the hyperlink destination in the left column, titled “My favorite website” so that it also hyperlinks to the web address you obtained the photo from. (M)

72.  Change the theme of the web page to Corporate. (D)

73.  Change the main heading of the page to “Three Different Ways to Hyperlink to a Web Page.” (M)

74.  Save the file as FP2ExamAnswersH. (E)


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Exam I


Edit a website using comment boxes.

Ø      Open “FP2ExamDataI” in FrontPage.


75.  Change the font of the heading to size 24 pt. (E)

76.  Delete the first sentence that reads, “We’d like to know what you think about our web site.” (E)

77.  Change the heading to Angsana New font and make the lettering of it blue. (M)

78.  Change the theme of the page to Citrus Punch. (D)

79.  Delete the address [guestlog.htm] under the Comments Box, and find a picture from the Internet to insert in its place. (D)

80.  Hyperlink this icon to the web site you obtained it from. (M)

81.  Below the date and time, which is the last thing on the page, write the address of the web site you got the photo from. (M)

82.  Right-align the clip-art image of the three people so that it now is on the bottom, right hand corner of the page. (D)

83.  Save the file as FP2ExamAnswersI. (E)


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Exam J


Edit a menu.

Ø      Open “FP2ExamDataJ” in FrontPage.


84.  Make the title of the page "header 2" format. (M)

85.  Insert A page break after dinner to separate the meals with the actual foods. (M)

86.  Change the text of each meal (breakfast, etc.) to font 18 and make it bold. (E)

87.  Change the actual foods to a green font. (E)

88.  Place a bookmark at the beginning of each section of foods. Ex. (Eggs, Hamburger, Steak) (M)

89.  Hyperlink the word Breakfast so that it goes to its appropriate section of foods. (D)

90.  Hyperlink the word Lunch so that it goes to its appropriate section of foods. (D)

91.  Hyperlink the word Dinner so that it goes to its appropriate section of foods. (D)

92.  Save the file as FP2ExamAnswersJ. (E)


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Exam K


Edit a website about colleges.

Ø      Open “FP2ExamDataK” in FrontPage.


93.  Make the title of the page font 24. (E)

94.  Change the title to a red font. (E)

95.  Change the text, "5 largest schools", to header 1 format. Create some space between the header and the actual school names. (M)

96.  Adjust the list of school so that they have bullets beside them. (M)

97.  Hyperlink each school's names with its respective website found on the university website. (D)

98.  Change the theme of the page to make it more appealing. (M)

99.  Save the file as FP2ExamAnswersK. (E)


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Exam L


Edit a Job vacancy ad.

Ø      Open “FP2ExamDataL” in FrontPage.


100.          Change the title to font 26 and make it bold. (E)

101.          Change the text of each job entry to Blue. (E)

102.          Make the text for each job a larger font and underline it. (E)

103.          Hyperlink the word email to your own actual email address. (D)

104.          Change the last phrase to header 1 format. (M)

105.          Now make the phrase move across the bottom of the page using the marquee function. (D)

106.          Save the file as FP2ExamAnswersL. (E)


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