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Quiz: Test what you know
Question # 1  

What is a web site?

a. a web page
b. a group of web pages
c. neither
Question # 2  
What is an HTML tag?
a. code that tells a browser what to display
b. greater than and less then signs
c. an image file name
Question # 3  
What is the web document window?
a. where you save the file
b. where you create, edit, and view a document
c. where you publish a web site
Question # 4  
What can you do with the views bar?
a. select a desired view of a web site
b. view the tools FrontPage has to offer
c. view the format
Question # 5  
Where is the title bar located?
a. the top of the program
b. the middle of the program
c. the bottom of the program
Question # 6  
What bar is "View" located on?
a. title bar
b. views bar
c. menu bar
Question # 7  
Which menu do you go to, to add a picture?
a. Tools
b. Insert
c. Edit
Question # 8  
What does this do?
a. create new page
b. refresh
c. insert new picture
Question # 9  
What does this do?
a. highlight
b. paint
c. change font color
Question # 10  
What does this do?
a. preview the page
b. view the html tags
c. get help with html



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Programs: Microsoft FrontPage: Quiz