Programs: Microsoft FrontPage: Lesson #5

Lesson 5: Place description of what will be covered in this lesson here. In this lesson we will learn how to add images to your web page.
Put main objectives of this lesson in bullet form: (these are examples)
  • Add an image from Clip Art
  • Add and image from your files
  • Add an image off the Internet
  • Resizing
  • Moving
Objective # 1 Adding Clip Art Images

Add an Image from Clip Art:

Click on the Insert menu bar and then picture and then clip art.  The clip art menu will come up.  Select a picture you wish to add by looking in the clip art folders.  When you decide on a picture click on the picture and click the first icon to insert picture.

Try inserting a picture into a web page.
Objective # 2 Add Images from your Files
Add File Images:

Click on the Insert menu bar and then from file.  The select file box will appear.  Near the top right hand side of the box will be a drop down menu entitled look in.  This menu is where you select the drive you wish to draw a file out of.  Once a drive is selected the files and folders within the drive will appear inside the select file box.  Select the folder and file you wish to insert and click ok.  Your image will appear in your web page.

Try inserting a file image into your web page.  Use the image of Testudo in your CD ROM drive.
Objective # 3 Add an Image off the Internet
Add Internet Image:

Find the image you would like to use on the internet.  Right click over the image and left click over save picture as.  When the save box comes up, select the drive and folder in which you wish to save the image in in the save in drop down menu.  I suggest saving it in the same folder your web page is being saved under.  Name the image in the file name box and click ok.

Go to your favorite web site and try and insert an image from it.
Objective # 4 Resizing

To Resize your picture:

Click on the picture and a box will appear around the picture.  Move your pointer to one of the boxes in the corner to resize entire picture.  When the arrow appears click and move your cursor to resize the picture.  To stretch the picture do the same thing on wither a top/bottom or a side box.

Try enlarging your picture.
Objective # 5 Moving



To Move a Picture:

Click on the picture and while holding down the button move the mouse to where you want the picture to be.

Try moving your picture to another point on your page.

Lesson Review

In this lesson we covered how to include images in web pages. You learned how to add, resize, and move images within your project.

Restate objectives, but expand upon them a bit... 

  • Add an image from Clip Art
  • Add and image from your files
  • Add an image off the Internet
  • Resizing
  • Moving

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Programs: Microsoft FrontPage: Lesson #5