Programs: Microsoft FrontPage

Microsoft FrontPage  is a program that is designed primarily for creating and editing web pages. It makes this very easy by enabling us to create web pages with out any knowledge of html.


Here is a summary of the main purposes of the program:

  • Understand Microsoft FrontPage
  • Open and save files
  • Add and change background, borders, and themes
  • Create and modify text
  • Add and modify images
  • Create hyperlinks
  • Learn the toolbars of FrontPage
  • Learn basic HTML tags
  • Create scrolling marquees
  • Test your skills

Here is a list of lessons and what will be learned in each.




Lesson 1: 

What is Microsoft FrontPage - Learn about what the program is used for in the real world.


Lesson 2: 

For Starters - Learn how to open the program, and learn about the different types of files it is used to edit and create, and learn how to save your work.

The Basics

Lesson 3: 

Changing text - Learn how to change the text size and font.

Simple Files

Lesson 4:

Changing more things - Learn how to change text color, background color, borders, and themes.

Complex Files

Lesson 5:

Adding images - Learn how to add images.


Lesson 6:

Creating Hyperlinks - Learn to turn your text and images into hyperlinks.


Lesson 7:

Toolbar Reference Guide


Lesson 8:

HTML Reference Guide


Lesson 9:

Making simple web pages

Simple web page

Lesson 10:

Making a scrolling marquee


Lesson 11:

Making a more advanced scrolling marquee

Advanced Marquees

PowerPoint Presentation:

View the PowerPoint Presentation for this chapter.

PowerPoint Presentation


Quick quiz to review ideas


Test Your Skills:

Make a personal webpage.

Personal Webpage Tutorial

100 Exam Questions


100 Exam Questions

20 Projects


20 Projects

Answer to Exam Questions


Answers to Exam Questions

Answer to Projects


Answers to Projects

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