Working with FrontPage Chapter 1


Objective: To understand the fundamental concepts in building a website.


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Individual Projects

Project 1 – “Rwanda Web page”

Project 2 - “Preamble”

Project 3  “My first folders”

Project 4 “Family”

Project 5  “Maryland”

Project 6 - “Joe’s Planner”

Project 7 “Steven’s Business Site”

Project 8 “Cyber Garage Sale”

Project 9 – “Computers”

Project 10 – "Important Inventions"

Project 11 – “Sports”

Project 12 – “Lindsay’s Page”

Project 13 –“Rwanda Traveler’s Guide”

Project 14 – "The National University of Rwanda"

Project 15 – "France"

Group Projects

Project 16 – “Favorite Musical Artists”

Project 17 – “Soccer”

Project 18 – “HTML”

Project 19 – “Hyperlinks”

Project 20 – "Recipe"


Individual Projects


Project 1 – “Rwanda Web page”


Eric needs to make a web page about Rwanda for his computer class, please help him accomplish the following tasks:


a.       Open a blank Front Page document to begin

b.      Change the background color of the page to red

c.       Add a title to the page by inserting word art that reads; “Rwanda is the Spot”

d.      Next, add a bulleted list of any five facts about the country of Rwanda

e.       Make each of the facts on the list a different color

f.        Change the font size of the facts to 18 point Arial Black font

g.       Search the web and add a picture of the Rwanda flag and hyperlink it to the site

h.       Somewhere next to the picture of the flag of Rwanda, add the date using the insert date and time command

i.         Go back to the list of facts that you previously entered and add a box border around them

j.        Save the completed project as “RwandaLand”

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Project 2 - “Preamble”


This project requires the use of data file entitled “FP1Proj2Data”; this project will help students learn some of the basic features of FrontPage and how to make a web page more intricate.


a.       Go to the student data files and open the file entitled “FP1Proj2Data.”

b.      Use the Spelling and Grammar check to fix the mistakes in the preamble to the Rwandan Constitution. Ignore the correction of the website at the bottom of the page.

c.       Above the Preamble, type “The Constitution of Rwanda.”  Highlight and center this phrase.  Make it size 36 and Red.

d.      Highlight the word Preamble and make it size 14.

e.       Right click on any blank spot of the page and choose page properties.  Choose the background tab and make the web page Yellow.

f.        Below Source and the web address, insert a hyperlink of Rwanda’s entire Constitution.  To do this, right click below source and choose hyperlink. Copy the address and type Full Constitution where is says Text to be displayed.

g.       Save this web page as “Preamble”

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Project 3  “My first folders”


Amy has just learned the basics of FrontPage.  She needs some help practicing making a title and saving a folder.


a.       Open FrontPage and open a new file

b.      Select the HTML workspace tab

c.       Look at the code.

d.      Now select the normal workspace tab

e.       Right click the workspace and select Page Properties…

f.        Change the title from “New Page 1” to “Amy’s Page”.

g.       Select the HTML workspace tab

h.       Note any changes and compare to the answer key

i.         Return to standard toolbar.  Pull down File and pick Save. Label the folder as    “Planning”. Press OK.

j.        Open “Planning” folder.

k.      Type in size 14 font “Amy’s First Web page.” Save your creation by clicking on the disk on the standard toolbar.

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Project 4 “Family”


Create a short page about your family. Follow the steps below:


a. Open a blank FrontPage document

b. Type at least four sentences about your family.  Include one with the names of your parents. One with how many siblings you have.  You may write other two sentences you wish.

c. Highlight the sentence.  Right click on it and choose Copy.  Press enter two times and right click again.  Choose Paste and the same sentence will reappear.  You should now have the same sentence twice.

d. Next, use the Spelling and Grammar check to ensure that everything is spelled correctly

e. Use the Save As feature from the menu bar and save this document to my computer with the name “My Family”

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Project 5  “Maryland”


You are a student at the University of Maryland and you were assigned to edit a short Web Page about your school that will be posted for prospective students.  There are some specific tasks, follow the steps below.


a.       Open the document named “FP1Proj5Data”

b.      Spell check the document using the Spelling and Grammar check button on the standard toolbar and correct all of the misspelled words.

c.       Read the paragraph.  Every time you find the word “Maryland”, highlight it and change it to the color Red. You do this by choosing the A on the formatting toolbar. 

d.      Do the same thing for the word University. Change this to Blue.

e.       Save your finished work.

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Project 6 - “Joe’s Planner”


Joe is extremely busy and very forgetful.  He is in a computers class right now and his instructor suggested that he creates a web page where he can change and update his weekly schedule as needed.  


a.       Open a blank FrontPage document.

b.      Place the mouse anywhere on the page.  Right click and choose the Page Properties option.  Click on Background and change the web page color to blue.

c.       Change the font size to 36.  Type “My Weekly Planner.” Change the color to white by highlighting the text, clicking on the A on the tool bar and choosing white.

d.      Next center “My Weekly Planner.”

e.       Change the font to Georgia and make it bold by clicking on the B. Both of these tasks are found on the standard toolbar.

f.        Now we are going to begin on the table.  Choose Table on the menu bar.  Choose insert (the only option not dimmed) and use the arrows until you have entered 7 rows and 8 columns.

g.       Begin in the second box on the first row and type each of the names of the seven days of the week, one in each box.  You can move from box to box by pressing the Tab button.

h.       In the first column, type the names of all of your classes, one in each box.  Skip the first box.  You can use the arrow keys to navigate down the boxes.

i.         Center all the names you just typed by highlighting the entire chart and pressing the Center button on the standard toolbar.

j.        Highlight the entire chart and make the font size 14 and change it to white.

k.      Save the web page as “Joe’s Planner”

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Project 7 “Steven’s Business Site”


Steven is starting his own eyeglass business and needs to create a website which has some basic information about his company.  He would like to make the site look very professional. 


a.       Open a new FrontPage document. 

b.      Select the Format menu and click on Themes. Choose a theme from the list that looks professional, such as “Bold Stripes.”

c.       Steven would like the name of his business to stand out on the page.  Make sure the insertion point is at the top of the document and type “Eyes to You.”  Center the name by clicking on the appropriate alignment button on the toolbar.

d.      Steven would like the title to stand out further.  Change the font to size 24 Arial Black.

e.       Now Steven would like to add a brief paragraph describing his business.  This can be found in the file labeled “Business Paragraph.”  Copy the paragraph from the original Word document and insert it below the name of the business in your FrontPage document.

f.        Make sure that the paragraph is left aligned by going to the Format menu and selecting Paragraph.  If “left” is not selected in the alignment pull-down menu, do so now.

g.       Steven now needs to add his contact information.  Below the business paragraph type, “For questions or comments, please write to” Highlight the e-mail address and press and hold Control and B simultaneously to make it bold.

h.       Lastly, highlight the body text and change the font to Arial Narrow.

i.         Save your document as “Answer Eyes to You.”

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Project 8 “Cyber Garage Sale”


Danny has a lot of junk he needs to get rid of, but since he lives in an apartment he cannot have a traditional garage sale.  He needs to create a website which organizes his items in a way that would allow potential buyers to see what is available for sale.


a.       Open a blank FrontPage document.

b.      Type “Cyber Garage Sale” and highlight it. Right click on the selected text and choose Paragraph from the shortcut menu.  From the pull-down alignment menu, select “Center.” Click OK.

c.       Without deselecting the text, press and hold Alt and Enter simultaneously to bring you directly to the font menu.  Change the font to Comic Sans MS, the font size to 24, and the font style to Bold, and the font color to Blue.  Select OK.

d.      Click below the page title and then select and hold the Insert Table shortcut button on the toolbar.  Drag the mouse 2 columns over and 5 rows down, so as to create a 5 x 2 table.

e.       Fill in the table according to the information from the document labeled “List of Items.”  (Ex: Put Mint Condition Clothing in the first cell, and Recreation in the top right cell.  Then below each will be the items listed in the Word document.)

f.        Highlight the first row of the table and select Bold and Italic from the toolbar.

g.       Below the table type out “Contact Me: ” and change the size to 14 and the text color to Red on the toolbar.

h.       Then copy and paste Danny’s name and address from the “List of Items” Document.

i.         From the Format menu, choose Background.  For the Background color select black, and the Text color select white.  Click OK.

j.        Finally, highlight all of the items he is going to sell.  From the toolbar, pull down the Font color menu and choose yellow.

k.      Save your FrontPage document as “Answer Garage Sale.”

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Project 9 – “Computers”


This project requires you to make a basic web page about computers.  This project will help you practice your skills in hyperlinks, backgrounds and inserting pictures.


a.       Open a blank FrontPage document

b.      Change the background of the page to pink and the text color to green by clicking on background under the format menu

c.       Type “Computers are Fun!!!!” At the top of the blank page. 

d.      Center, Bold and Underline “Computers are Fun!!!!”

e.       Insert a picture of your choice somewhere under the title (this picture should have something to do with computers) and hyperlink the picture to the web site,

f.        You decide that you would like to hyperlink the title to the web site, so right click on “Computers are Fun!!!!” and choose the hyperlink shortcut

g.       Below the inserted picture, insert a horizontal line to help separate the flow of the page.  Right click on the horizontal line and go to horizontal line properties.  Change the height of the line to 5 pixels and the color of the line to white

h.       Next, insert a table 5 rows by 1 column and type five different facts (1 on each line) about what you have learned about Microsoft FrontPage thus far

i.         Change the font color of the text in the table to light green and change the background color of the table to black

j.        Save your finished work

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Project 10 – "Important Inventions"


Tom is taking an engineering class. His Professor invented a new kind of eraser that can erase permanent ink from a pen the way a normal eraser erases pencil writing. Using FrontPage make a web page of Important Inventions.


  1.  Open FrontPage click the File menu, select the first option New then hit Page. At this display find the template Narrow, Left-aligned Body in the first tab. Press Ok.
  2. Where it says “Your Heading Goes Here” we will replace that with “Important Inventions.”
  3. You can already guess what this site will be about. Choose four inventions that affect your everyday life. Some examples could be a phone, this computer, or a bike.
  4. The middle column is currently cluttered with text, select is and delete it all. Type in the name of the first invention you have chosen to highlight. Then hit enter and type up a paragraph about the invention. Note the inventor and date and then some interesting facts.
  5. You then have to find pictures to match up with all the inventions. Some can be found in the FrontPage clipart other may have to be found online. These will have to be saved in the folder with the page. Click the Insert menu then Picture and the appropriate type.

Place the cursor in the middle column with the text and right click then select cell properties. Towards the bottom use the pull down menu to change the Background Color to gray.




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Project 11 – “Sports”


Christina would like to make a web page about sports, but she does not yet know enough to do it by herself.  Please help Christina to complete the following steps:


a.       Open a blank Front Page document to begin

b.      Insert a 6 by 1 Table and make the cells so that they are box shaped along the left hand border of the page

c.       Change the border color of the chart to red by clicking on table properties on the shortcut menu

d.      Right click in the first cell and click on cell properties.  Color the background of the first cell in Yellow and center the cell horizontally

e.       Right click in the second cell and click on cell properties again.  This time color the background black also center the cell horizontally

f.        Do this for every cell so that each cell is centered horizontally and alternates in color between yellow and black

g.       Next enter the word sports vertically in the table so that each letter takes up one cell (e.g. S in the first cell, P in the second cell and so on)

h.       Now change the letters in the table so that they are red and 24 point font size

i.         Next, hyperlink the S in the first cell to the site

j.        Hyperlink the P in SPORTS to

k.      Hyperlink the O in SPORTS to

l.         Hyperlink the R in SPORTS to

m.     Hyperlink the T in SPORTS to the site

n.       Hyperlink the S in SPORTS to

o.      Now that the chart is complete, change the background color of the page to green

p.      Insert a picture of your favorite sport somewhere on the web page

q.      Under the picture type a sentence or two about why this particular sport is your favorite

r.        Finally, at the bottom of the page you just created, add By: Your Name to show that this is your page

s.       Save the completed project as sports

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Project 12 – “Lindsay’s Page”


Lindsay needs to make a Web Page about herself for her Communications class.  She was born in Rwanda but now lives in the United States of America.  It must include her contact information, a map of the country that she was born in and a map of the country she lives in now.   It also must include links to her University and her favorite search engine, Yahoo.


a.       Open a blank FrontPage document.

b.      Right click on the page and choose Background.  Make it Teal.  Select White for the font color.

c.       Type “Lindsay’s Page.”  Center it and make bold by using the appropriate shortcut buttons on the formatting toolbar.  Change it to size 36.

d.      Choose the Table option and make it 4 columns and 2 rows.  Insert this under the title.

e.       In the first row type the headings in this order: Name, Address, Phone Number and Email Address.  Center and bold each of these titles within their cell.

f.        Under Name type Lindsay Rider.  Under Address type 123 Sunshine Lane.  Under Phone Number type (123) 456-7892

g.       Insert a hyperlink of Lindsay’s email address in the final cell of the second row.  Right click in this cell and choose Hyperlink.  In the Text to display box type “Lindsay” and in the Address box type “” Click OK.

h.       Center all of the contact information.

i.         Beneath the table of information, type and Underline “Where I was born:”

j.        Then pull down the Insert menu and select Picture and From file.  Locate the file named “FP1Proj12DataA.” Click on Insert and a map of Rwanda will be placed in the document. Resize if necessary, however no points will be deducted for varying sizes.

k.      Beneath the Map of Rwanda, type and Underline “Where I live now:”

l.         Repeat step j but open “FP1Proj12DataB” as your picture. 

m.     Right click the US map and select Hyperlink.  In the Address box type and select OK. Below the picture type, in Italics “Click the above United States Map to be directed to the University of Maryland's Website.”

n.       Finally, press Enter twice and then type, again in Italics “For any additional information, please use Yahoo for all of your Internet searching!” Highlight the word “Yahoo” and open the Insert menu.  Select Hyperlink and in the Address box type  Click OK and your site is finished!

o.      Save your finished document as “Lindsay”

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Project 13 –“Rwanda Traveler’s Guide”


You are working for a travel agency in the US.  You have been asked to create a basic website portraying some different aspects of Rwanda, including pictures and various helpful websites.


a.       Open a blank FrontPage document.

b.      Title your page “Rwanda Traveler’s Guide.”  The title should be size 36, Arial Black, and Centered at the top of the website.

c.       Insert a 2 x 3 table below the title.  Click inside the first cell and pull down the Insert menu and select Picture From file.  Locate “FP1Proj13DataC” and click Insert.

d.      In the second cell (directly to the right of the first), insert the picture “FP1Proj13DataA” and in the third, insert “FP1Proj13DataB.”  You may need to resize some of these pictures; please do so when appropriate so that the table fits within the width of the page.

e.       The purpose of these pictures is to provide a visual hyperlink to some informative websites.  Right click on the first picture and select Hyperlink from the shortcut menu.  The website address that you want to link to that picture is  Once you enter the address in the correct box, click OK.

f.        In the first cell of the second row, create a TEXT hyperlink to the same website as the picture above it.  In the Edit Hyperlink box, type “The 2002 World Fact Book: Rwanda” in the Text to display field.  Select OK.

g.       Right click on the second picture and select Hyperlink from the shortcut menu.  The website address that you want to link to that picture is Once you enter the address in the correct box, click OK.

h.       In the second cell of the second row, create a TEXT hyperlink to the same website as the picture above it.  In the Edit Hyperlink box, type “Rwanda Photos de Voyage” in the Text to display field.  Select OK.

i.         Right click on the third picture and select Hyperlink from the shortcut menu.  The website address that you want to link to that picture is  Once you enter the address in the correct box, click OK.

j.        In the third cell of the second row, create a TEXT hyperlink to the same website as the picture above it.  In the Edit Hyperlink box, type “Yahoo Travel Guide: Rwanda Climate” in the Text to display field.  Select OK.

k.      Highlight the entire second row and click the Center button on the formatting toolbar.

l.         Now you want to include a brief paragraph for your potential customers who might be interested in vacationing in Rwanda.  Locate the file “FP1Proj13DataD” and highlight all of the text in the document.  Copy the selected paragraph and citation to your Travel web page below the table.

m.    Highlight the quoted paragraph and pull down the Format menu.  Select Paragraph and where it says Alignment select “Justify.”  Click OK.

n.      Finally, highlight the citation at the end and change the alignment to “Right.”

o.      Save the document as “Rwanda Traveler’s Guide.”

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Project 14 – “The National University of Rwanda”


Your professor has asked you to create a potential home page for the NUR Website. He would like you to implement color schemes and pictures that emphasize the rich culture and beautiful environment.


a.       Open a blank FrontPage document

b.      You would like the background to reflect the campus.  Select Background from the Format menu and check the box next to Background picture.  Then click on Browse to find the file labeled “FP1Proj14DataA.” Select White for the Text color, Yellow for a Hyperlink, Red for a Visited hyperlink, and White for an Active hyperlink.  Click OK.

c.       Type “The National University of Rwanda” in Size 36 Arial Black font.  Highlight and Center this title, and change the highlight button on the toolbar to Black.  (Note: This is necessary for easy viewing of the text on the web page, so make sure that ALL text, unless otherwise specified, is White with Black highlighted background.)

d.      Beginning several lines below the title, type (each on its own line) the following:
Welcome, Recent Events, Coming Soon, The Library.  These will be links to the existing website for the NUR.

e.       First, highlight the title once more.  Click Hyperlink on the Insert menu.  The Address for the link should be the University’s website, Click OK.

f.        Highlight “Welcome” and create a hyperlink to

g.       Highlight “Recent Events” and create a hyperlink to

h.       Highlight “Coming Soon” and create a hyperlink to

i.         Highlight “The Library” and create a hyperlink to

j.        Below the “Welcome” link type the following mission statement: “The main task of the NUR is to transmit scientific knowledge to its students in a way that new ideas may come out and professional aptitude be acquired.” Make sure it is centered like the rest of the text (hyperlinks) on the page.

k.      Insert the picture file “FP1Proj14DataB” below the mission statement.

l.         Insert the picture file “FP1Proj14DataC” below the “Recent Events” link

m.     Insert the picture file “FP1Proj14DataD” below the “Coming Soon” link

n.       Insert the picture file “FP1Proj14DataE” below the “The Library” link

o.      Double check to make sure all pictures, text, and hyperlinks are centered and highlighted in black for easy reading.  Save the document as “The National University of Rwanda.”

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Project 15 – France


This project requires access to the Internet


Sam was just assigned to create a comprehensive Web Page about France.  He needs to include maps, information about the capital, and links to appropriate sites.  Sam is being graded not only on the accuracy of his information, but on the attractiveness and detail of his Web Page.  He needs your help.


a.       Open a blank FrontPage document

b.      Type “FRANCE” in Red, size 36 font.  Center it.  All of these tasks can be accomplished using the formatting toolbar.

c.       Right click anywhere on the page and choose Page Properties.  Choose the Background tab.  Choose more colors and pick any light yellow color.

d.      Using the Internet, visit the site  Use the international directory and find a picture of the French flag.  Right Click on it and press Copy.  Return to your FrontPage document and paste the flag above the word “FRANCE”.  Center it on the page

e.       Beneath the flag, insert a hyperlink to  The text to display should read “More Flags.” Center it on the page.

f.        Change the size of the hyperlink by highlighting the link and using the A with a downward arrow on the toolbar. Decrease it one size.

g.       Choose Insert Table from the standard toolbar.  Make it 2 columns and 4 rows.

h.       Going down the first column, one cell at a time, type: “Capital”, “Population”, “Climate” and “Bordering Countries”.

i.         In the second column, one cell at a time type: “Paris”, “59,765,983”, “Cool winters and mild summers” and “Andorra, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Monaco, Spain Switzerland.”  You will notice that the last row will readjust itself as you continue to type the name of France’s bordering countries.

j.        Highlight the entire chart.  Change the font to size 14 and to the color Black. 

k.      Highlight only the first column. Bold it.

l.         Click below the table.  Choose Insert from the toolbar.  Pick Horizontal Line.  A line should appear.

m.     Beneath the horizontal line, type the word “Paris.”  Add a colon at the end of the word.  Right align it.  

n.       Next, search the World Wide Web for a picture of the Eiffel Tower. Any picture will be fine. Paste it beneath “Paris.”   

o.      After you have pasted the picture, click next to “Paris.”  Press enter  2 times and write “The Eiffel Tower”

p.      Highlight both “Paris” and “The Eiffel Tower” and change the color to Blue.  Bold “Paris.”

q.      Search the World Wide Web.  Choose your favorite site about France and insert a hyperlink to it at the bottom of the page. Label it “My favorite France Site.”

r.        Change the color of the hyperlink to Green by highlighting it and choosing the A on the formatting toolbar.

s.       Save your work onto My Computer.

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Group Projects


Project 16 – “Favorite Musical Artists”


This project requires you to make an advanced web page about your favorite musical artists.


a.       Click File at the top left in FrontPage then New and select Page to create a new web page; select the “Banner and Contents” template. You can find this under the “Frames” tab. Press the “New Page” button to make a blank page for each frame.

b.       Our web page will be on the topic of favorite musical artists. So in the top frame, the “banner” type “Favorite Musical Artists.” Right click anywhere in the frame and select page properties. The second thing listed will be Title. In the box next to this you will enter the word “banner”. Now look to the tabs on top and select the Background tab and look to the middle. You will see the word Background listed under Colors. Select the pull down menu next to this and change the background color to the gray displayed in the standard colors box. Select the text, right click and select font. Change the font to Courier style and the color to white, click ok. Next select the text again look to the left among the FrontPage menus. Look for the word Normal on a pull down menu and make it Heading 1 style. Finally, center the text.

c.       Move onto the left frame. This will list the different pages that will be displayed in the larger main frame to the right. Change the background color to standard gray and make the title of the page “contents”. Do this by right clicking the frame and selecting page properties. Type “Home” into the frame.

d.      At this point we will have to save the web page so that the documents in each frame can be named. There are multiple documents that make up this page so we have multiple files to save. The file you are currently saving is highlighted so use that hint to save the top frame as “banner.html” the left frame as  “contents.html” and the large frame as “home.html”. Save the entire page as “musical_artists.html”

e.       Right click the main frame on the bottom right and click page properties. Make the title of this page “Home.” Now select the word “Home” in your contents frame and make it a hyperlink to the file called “home.html”.

f.        Think of your 5 favorite musical artists. Place the first artist’s name under home on the contents frame and then search online for the artist. Choose either a website about the artist or a link to an online store selling the artists CD. Right click the artist’s name and make it a hyperlink to this web address. Press enter and do the same for the 4 other artists. For some artists when you may have to tell FrontPage to ignore any spelling mistakes before adding the hyperlink.

g.        By default hyperlinks are given the color blue before they are clicked and red after. However this does not work well with our gray background. Therefore we will change this scheme to white before accessed, black afterwards, and a navy blue while active. To do this again access page properties for the contents frame and click the background tab. There on the right near the bottom it lists the colors for hyperlinks. Choose the most appropriate from the standard colors.

h.       Now we will move onto the home page in the main frame. First write a 3-5-sentence paragraph listing the 5 artists you chose, explaining your favorite type of music, and how you most often listen to music (live, on radio, on tapes/CDs).

i.         Next list the five artists in a list with your favorite song by that artist in quotations next to the artist’s name. The bulleted list should use square, solid black bullets. To do this select the text go to Format then Format and Numbering…. On the second tab called Plain Bullets you will find this option.

j.        Press the enter button twice to create some room between the text and the bottom of the page. At the bottom of the home page type “This page was last worked on” Then use the insert time function. Click the Insert menu and select Date and Time…, the third one from the top. You want to display when it was last edited so leave that option selected. You do not want the time to be displayed so ignore that pull down menu. Change the format the date will be displayed in by looking in the pull down menu for the option displaying day/month/year. Select the font, right click and then click Fonts… and change the size to 2 (10pt) then click the box next to “Small caps.”

k.      Save document.

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Project 17 – “Soccer”


This project requires you to make an advanced web page about soccer.


a.       Select File from the top menu of FrontPage. Then click New and choose Page. Leave Normal Page selected and hit enter.

b.      To name each page right click in the frame then look to the second line named Title:. Name the left page “contents” and the right page “main”. 

c.       Next hit the save button. You will be saving the left-hand page as “contents.html” and the right-hand page as “main.html”, then the entire thing which should be “soccer_page.html”

d.      Now we will setup the design for the pages. Click in the main page and select Format on the top menu and look for Theme the select the theme Blend. Now right click the contents page and select Page Properties, click the Background tab and select the pull down menu for the Background Color. Select More Colors under the menu. In the field next to Value enter Hex={9F,CF,FF}. This should be a light blue when you hit enter.

e.        Now you are going to choose three topics on soccer. For example on can choose to explain the rules of soccer and two famous teams like Manchester United and Real Madrid. In the contents page type each of these, one on top of the other. Ask FrontPage to ignore any spelling errors.

f.        Search for a web page about each of your three topics. Select the text and right click then hit the Hyperlink option. Enter the address in the field next to URL. Then find the words Target Frame and click the pencil next to it. Select New Window among the options.

g.       Now we will summarize a bit about what each of the pages says so browse through the sites that you link to and write 2-3 sentences about them in the main page. Use the enter button to place two blank lines between each mini paragraph.

h.       Find three images that can be associated with your topics. Place the picture for each topic above the paragraph of the topic.

i.         You can either choose pictures from the clipart of FrontPage or from online. To insert an image from FrontPage click the cursor where you want the picture and click the Insert menu. Select Picture and from the two options that pop out Clip Art…. Various categories of pictures are presented you can double click the picture you want to insert it.

j.        Otherwise you can use a picture from online, in this case you will have had to have saved the picture you want from an online website to a specific location. To save the picture right click it in Internet Explorer and hit Save Picture As then find the folder to save it into. It is best to save it in the same folder as your web page; this is often in your My Documents folder. To insert an image from FrontPage click the cursor where you want the picture and click the Insert menu. Select Picture and from the two options that pop out click From File. Find the folder you saved the picture in and select the file then hit enter.

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Project 18 – “HTML”


This project will test your ability to use and understand HTML formatting.


            a.  Open notepad and type these as shown:




            b.   Begin by declaring a head section within the html tags by typing <head> and                                    </head> between the <html> and </html>.








            c.   In your head section you are going to put a title.  Title text goes between title            tags, <title> and </title>.




                        <title>Your Web Page Title</title>




            d.   Next, give your web page a body by adding the tags <body> and </body>             after the head section but before the end of the html.  Add text to the body by      typing two sentences between the tags.




                        <title>Your Web Page Title</title>




                         Your Text



            e.  Save this file as MyWebPage.htm

f.        Open the file you created using FrontPage to see how the code you typed

created a web page.

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Project 19 – “Hyperlinks”


This project will test your knowledge on all the different ways to use hyperlinks in a web page.


a.       Open the document titled “FP1Proj19Data”

b.      Highlight the text “My Favorite Links” and then right click the mouse. 

c.       Select Hyperlink from the menu. 

d.      Enter the destination in the URL box (the destination is where the link will direct the user, so type in your favorite website.  For example

e.       Click OK.

f.        Now go to Format and then Background.  From here you can modify hyperlink text.  Format your text so that all Visited links are Light Blue, and links that have not been visited are Dark Blue.  Keep Active hyperlinks Red.

g.       Click OK.

h.       Next click the Web Document Window where you would like to insert a Clipart picture. 

i.         Then click Insert on the Menu bar.

j.        Click Picture and then click Clipart.  Select any picture you choose and then click OK.  Resize the picture as youIndividual Projects like.

k.      After the picture appears, right click on it and select Hyperlink from the menu.

l.         Type the desired link in the URL box where you want the picture to direct you (for example, if you chose a clipart picture of something academically related, you could type in your school’s website address).

m.     Next, insert a table that is 5 rows by two columns underneath the clip art and write each member of the group’s name in the left hand column                 

n.       In the right hand column, have everybody in your group create a hyperlink to their favorite website

o.      Save document.

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Project 20 – "Favorite Recipes"


Jim is getting married in a few weeks. Before he gets married and moves in with his wife, she suggested that he learn how to make some of his favorite foods. Make a web page of your favorite food, and food recipes.

  1. Hit File, the New, then Page. In this selection screen hit the Frames Pages tab and select the Footer template, then press Ok. Then press New Page to set a blank web page for each frame.
  2. Right click in the bottom frame and select frame properties. Find frame size and change the height to 150 pixels from the standard 64. Change the scrollbars option from Never to If Needed.
  3. This page will be about favorite recipes. At the top of the top page type “Favorite Recipes” Select the text and make it underlined and centered. Finally change the font from normal to Heading 1.
  4. In the bottom frame mark the page with your name. This page will be replaced by the recipes as the user interacts with the page.
  5. Go back to the main frame on top and hit the enter button to create two lines of blank space under the heading. Now choose your favorite 4 ingredients for food, an example would be chicken or sugar. Write the name of the first ingredient and next to this a recipe, which incorporates the ingredient. One can use a search engine to find some.
  6. Now create a new blank page by hitting the control button and N at the same time. Type or paste in the recipe for the first ingredient at the very top of the page. You may have to rearrange the format because we want it separated into ingredients then directions.
  7. At the top you may write the name of the dish or not, it is up to you. After this type “Ingredients” above the list of ingredients and select it to change it to bold face. After the ingredients list above the directions type directions and select it and change it to bold face.
  8. Search through the page to find the original ingredient that you chose. If you chose chicken and then barbecues chicken you will be looking for the word chicken throughout the recipe. In all cases found select the word right click hit Fonts and change the color to red. Save this page in your web folder by the name of the ingredient and then recipe, for instance “chicken recipe.html”. Repeat steps 6-8 for all four ingredients.
  9. After finishing all recipe pages close them all to get back to the original page. Hit the save button and name the tope page “main.html” the bottom page “bottom.html” and the total “favorite_recipes.html"
  10. Now we have to integrate the two parts of the project together. As you may guess we are going to want the user to be able to click the recipe in the main page and have it display in the bottom frame. Select and right click each recipe in the main. Select the Hyperlink option, find the appropriate recipe page Then towards the bottom right find Target Frame. Click the pencil to the right and in the picture click the bottom part, the footer should appear beneath it in the Target Setting box. You are done. Repeat for all recipes and you’re done



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