Programs: Microsoft FrontPage: Lesson #10

Lesson #10: Creating a Heading For your page that scrolls across the screen.
Main Objectives
  • To create a simple web page
  • To Create a scrolling Marquee
Objective # 1 Opening a new web page

In lesson two you learned how to open FrontPage and the basic files involved when creating a web page.
With your FrontPage open go to the File Menu and click on New.  A smaller menu will pop-up and you must choose to either create a new page or a new web.  For this lesson we will create a new web page, click on New Page..
The new web page menu will pop-up and you are given many options for a new web page.
Chose the Normal Page option
At this point a blank web page will show up on your screen and you are set to create your web page.
Objective # 2 Create and Center Text

Look At Me!

Now that your web page is open it is time to start typing
Insert a blank line and type your text within.
Objective # 3 Create A Marquee
Look At Me!


Click on the "Insert" Tab
Scroll Down to the component menu and click on Marquee.
Enter the text for the marquee and click to create it.  It should look like it does to the left.
Objective # 4 Preview


Click on the preview Tab Below
You Should see your text scrolling across the screen
Click on the normal tab to continue doing your work.

Lesson Review

In this lesson we established how to create a web page and create a scrolling marquee.


  • To create a simple web page
  • To Create a scrolling Marquee

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Programs: Microsoft FrontPage: Lesson #10