Programs: Microsoft FrontPage: Lesson #3

Lesson #3: Creating a file in FrontPage.  In this lesson we will establish how to create a simple web page as well editing image files within a web page.
Main Objectives
  • To create a simple web page
  • Changing text size
  • Changing font
  • Changing text color and font
Objective # 1 Opening a new web page

In lesson two you learned how to open FrontPage and the basic files involved when creating a web page.
With your FrontPage open go to the File Menu and click on New.  A smaller menu will pop-up and you must choose to either create a new page or a new web.  For this lesson we will create a new web page, click on New Page..
The new web page menu will pop-up and you are given many options for a new web page.
Chose the Normal Page option
At this point a blank web page will show up on your screen and you are set to create your own web page!
Objective # 2 Changing the text size
Your Name 


Your Name

Now that your web page is open it is time to start typing
Type your name on the blank web page
Now we will change the size of your name 
Now highlight your name on the web page by clicking and dragging your cursor across your name.  
There are three pull down menus above the application window labeled "Normal", "(default font)", "Normal"
Click on the third pull down menu and change the font size to "7(36 pt)"
Objective # 3 Changing the Font
Your Name


Your Name


Now we are going to change the font or the type of text you are using on your web page
Highlight your name again by clicking and dragging across your name.  Now click on the second pull down menu above the application window, "(default font)", and go down the menu until you see "Comic Sans MS"
You have now changed the size and font of the text on your web page
Objective # 4 Changing Text Color and Font:



Highlight the text that you wish to change the color of by clicking and dragging over it. Then proceed to click on the menu bar under Format and a sub-menu will come down.  Hover down to where it says Text and click there.  From there you may change the font itself, as well as the font style, size, color and you may also apply effects to the font such as underline, strikethrough, overline, etc.
Type your name and try changing the font to Comic Sans MS, the style to bold, the size to 36, the color to red, and strike through the text.

Lesson Review

In this lesson we established how to create a web page and alter the size and font of your text


  • creating a simple web page using the file menu
  • changing the size of your name
  • changing the font of your name
  • changing the text color and font

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