Programs: Microsoft FrontPage: Lesson #1

Lesson #1: In this lesson we will learn just some of the many uses of Microsoft FrontPage within the context of the real world.
Main Objectives
  • FrontPage defined
  • Who uses FrontPage
  • What you can do with FrontPage
Lesson #1: Intro
Objective # 1 FrontPage Defined

What is FrontPage?
FrontPage is a program used to make web pages.  You could make a web page with only html, but FrontPage gives you a click and drag interface that makes it possible to make a web page with no knowledge of html.
Objective # 2 Who uses FrontPage?
  • Home business owners
  • Professionals
  • PC owners
Objective # 3 What can you do with FrontPage?
  • Create simple web pages
  • Create advanced web pages
  • Create forms pages
  • Create frames pages


Lesson Review

In this lesson we defined FrontPage, discussed who uses FrontPage, and discussed what can be done with FrontPage.

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Programs: Microsoft FrontPage: Lesson #1