National Parks of Rwanda

The Akagera National Park:    The Akagera National Park lies in the North East of Rwanda.  It covers an area of 250,000 hectares along the river bearing the same name which is also the main inflow to Lake Victoria.  Created in 1934, the Akagera National Park is characterized by a mosaic of grass, bush and tree savannas where such big mammals as lions, leopards, zebra, hippopotamuses and many species of antelope live.

The Volcanoes National Park:    The Volcanoes National Park lies in the North-West of the country and covers an area of about 125 square kilometers.  In addition to the special attraction of its magnificent mountains, the Volcanoes National Park is known to be one of the last sanctuaries of the rare mountain gorilla (Gorilla Beringei) of this planet.