Football, also known as Soccer in the United States, is one of the world's most popular sports.  Played in almost every region and country of the world, no other sport brings together the world community such as Football.  Football requires the utmost of the individual athlete and the team.  Every player must use their ability and skills but at the same time, work well with the others as a team in order to win.  Combined with the non stop action, Football is the most exciting sport to watch.

No other single sporting event captures and holds the world glued to their televisions and listening to their radios such as the FIFA World Cup.  Its prestige and and popularity spans across the globe and the golden trophy symbolizes the best of the best in football worldwide.

The FERWAFA or Federation of Rwanda  Amateur Football Association is the premier National Football Association in Rwanda.  The jerseys they wear are Red, Green, and yellow, with Green shorts, and Red socks.


Source: Federation International Football Association

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