19-06-2003 (whatever date the exam is given)


  1. To provide teaching at a higher level
    The main task of the NUR is to transmit scientific knowledge to its students in a way that new ideas may come out and professional aptitude be acquired.
  2. To organize scientific research
    Research activities at the NUR comprise all creative works undertaken in a systematic way in order to increase scientific and technological knowledge, including the knowledge of man, culture and society, also making good use of that knowledge in new situations.
    The scientific research at University level is not only lecturers and researchers' affair but also that of students in licence and doctorate, as it is inscribed in their final papers (dissertations, doctorate and specialization theses). In this way, the development of scientific research contributes to the improvement and the strengthening of education structure.
  3. To provide service to the community
    This task works hand in hand with the two mentioned above. Our University is aware that its credibility lies in the need of serving the community where it originates. By providing knowledge and know-how to the community, the NUR contributes to the full development through its various and adequate services to the needs of local population.

  4. To promote culture
    The three tasks mentioned above are means which enable the NUR to participate to the enrichment and promotion of culture. Culture comprises both traditional and modern aspects by the fact that it increases technological and scientific knowledge in such domains as Sciences, Technology, Arts, etc…
    This enrichment enhances a better understanding of relationships between man and his natural, physical, social and human environment. It also contributes to the improvement of this environment for the benefit of man and society. To promote culture in Rwanda means also to call upon respect of human rights and good governance in order to contribute to building a more human Rwandan society



SOURCE: http://www.nur.ac.rw/mission.htm

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