Programs: Microsoft Excel: Lesson #4

Lesson #4: In this lesson we will learn about embedding and using chart sheets.
The main topics of this lesson are:
  • Embedding
  • Using Chart Sheets
Lesson #4: Title: Embedding and Using Chart Sheets
Topic # 1 Embedding

Embedding means storing graphs within the spreadsheet where your data is located. That is precisely what we just went through in the Chart Wizard lesson. 
It is good because it displays information collectively and there is no need to switch between the data and the chart.
Topic # 2 Using Chart Sheets
nA chart sheet is a separate sheet within Excel which displays the chart.
Useful when there is a lot of data or when the chart is needed separately

Lesson Review

In this lesson we covered embedding and using chart sheets.

You learned:

  •  What embedding is and why it is useful
  •  What chart sheets are and how they are useful

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Programs: Microsoft Excel: Lesson #4