Programs: Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel  is a program that allows you to easily design graphs and charts.  With the help of spreadsheets one can make a vast variety of different charts and/or graphs which will enhance presentations, reports, and help you get your message across in a clear and concise manner.


Summary of what you will learn throughout these lessons

The three most important things to consider when creating graphs and charts are: 

  • the need for clarity and conciseness
  • the variety of charts available to you
  • the proper application and utilization of charts and graphs. 

After completing these lessons you should be able to create your own charts and graphs.

Here is a list of lessons and what will be learned in each.




Lesson 1: 

Let's define what a chart is.


Lesson 2: 

What are some different types of charts that are available to you?


Lesson 3: 

L        n

Chart Wizard

Lesson 4:

Understanding embedding & chart sheets.


Lesson 5:

n         How do you modify a chart?


Lesson 6:

n         Dealing with multiple data series.

Multiple Data Series

Lesson 7:

Understanding OLE & compound documents.


Lesson 8:

Understanding the  proper use of charts.

Proper Use

PowerPoint Presentation:

View the PowerPoint presentation for this chapter of Excel.

PowerPoint Presentation


Review of all points covered through hands on exercises and quizzes. In this section we will simply tell you what to do. You will have to use your own knowledge from the above lessons to complete it. If you get stuck feel free to go to the lesson in which the information you need is located.




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Programs: Microsoft Excel