Programs: Microsoft Excel: Review


Review of all points covered through hands on exercises and quizzes. In this section we will simply tell you what to do. You will have to use your own knowledge from the above lessons to complete it. If you get stuck feel free to go to the lesson in which the information you need is located
Review Activities
Activity # 1 Matching

This activity involves matching terms to their correct definition.

This activity is created to help students understand the different types of graphs within this chapter.


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Activity #2 Hands on Activity
This activity tests the student's ability to create charts. It involves students entering data of their personal information.
Afterwards, students will use this data  to create a pie chart and a bar graph.

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Activity # 3 Multiple Choice Quiz
This is a quiz which entails all of the chapters' major concept. This will test the students knowledge towards Excel Chapter 4.
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Programs: Microsoft Excel: Review