Programs: Microsoft Excel: Lesson #3

Lesson # 3: This lesson will explain to you how to create your own chart using the Chart Wizard in Excel. 
The topic of this lesson is: 
  • How to make your own graphs using the Chart Wizard 
Lesson # 3: Creating Graphs Using Chart Wizard 
Steps # 1-6 Using Chart Wizard

Using the chart wizard is easy, just pay careful attention and you will understand! Go to your spreadsheet and Select data cells you want to graph (do so by right clicking the mouse for the 1st row and by right clicking the mouse and holding down the Alt key for the second row).  See picture to the left!
In your MENU, go to Insert drop down menu and left click.
Move down the menu to Chart… and then highlight it with the movement of your mouse. Left click on the highlighted word.
You can also use the Menu bar and the colorful Chart Wizard Icon to call up the Chart Wizard. Simply click on it.
You should have your spreadsheet in the background and the Chart Wizard window active in the foreground.
In this example you will be creating a column chart, so Select Column where it asks you for Chart Type. You will not need to be concerned with Custom Types for this learning stage.  Then simply click the next button to move on to the next step 2
Steps # 7-11 Using Chart Wizard
You will be able to view the data range for which your chart is being created. You should chose your series to be displayed in ROWS for this example.
Here you will need to enter a title for the Chart, as well as for the x and y axis. Since we are making a column chart and we’re using the Row series we do not need to be concerned with the Axes/gridlines/and any of the other tabs in this step.
We will be embedding our chart in the spreadsheet with our data, therefore you will select the chart to be placed “as object in sheet 1”. However, if you wanted to use the chart sheet feature and display your chart separately, you would chose “as new sheet”.
Felicitations! You have created your first chart! The image on the right is an example of what your screen should look like. You now have a chart within your spreadsheet ready to demonstrate your message effectively.  See picture to your left!
If you’re not happy with how your chart looks or just want to experiment with different types, you can change the chart type by clicking on the drop down menu on the Chart Toolbar, where for the purposes of this example you would select the 3-d Pie chart. You should now have a 3-D pie instead of your column chart.

Lesson Review

In this lesson we covered the 11 steps for using Chart Wizard.  You learned how to make a graph using this.

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Programs: Microsoft Excel: Lesson #3