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Microsoft Excel Chapter 4 Exam


Table of Contents

  1. Exam 1 - Pie Chart
  2. Exam 2 - Column Chart
  3. Exam 3 - Bar Chart
  4. Exam 4 - Line Graph
  5. Exam 5 - Combination Chart
  6. Exam 6 - Pie Chart
  7. Exam 7 - Column Chart
  8. Exam 8 - Bar Chart
  9. Exam 9 - Line Graph
  10. Exam 10 - Combination Chart

Exam 1

Open document labeled Patrina’s Pet Store

1.  Create a Pie Chart showing the percents and labels of each animal sold in Store number 4. (M)

2.  Title the Pie Chart “Patrina’s Pet Store #4”.  Make the title in Bold Comic Sans font size 11. (D)

3.  Move the graph to its own Chart Sheet. (E)

4.  To make focus on the number of dogs sold in this store, pull the dog piece of the puzzle slightly out from the pie. (E)

5.  Change the labels on the graph so they contain only the percents and not the name labels and move the legend to the top of the chart. (D)

6.  Change the chart into a 3D chart. (M)

7.  Return the dog slice back into the pie and pull out all the pieces so they are separated slightly from the center. (D)

8.  Return to sheet one with the initial data about Patrina’s Pet Store.  Create a new chart in Sheet 2 showing the relationship between the total numbers of animals sold at each store.  Label the graph using percents.  Title the graph accordingly. (D)

9.  Change labels on each slice to include the name of the store it refers to.  Delete the key on the side of the graph. (M)

10.  Rename Chart 2 “Totals Pie Chart”. (E)


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Exam 2

Open file labeled "Hardware Sales".

1. Find the total sales for hammers and screwdrivers using the Autosum feature. (M)

2. Find the total sales per store using the Autosum feature. (M)

3. Merge the cells that the title is in. (E)

4. Center the title and make it Arial, 14 pt. (E)

5. Put a border around the worksheet excluding the title. (M)

6. Add an appropriate background color to the Store Names and Hardware Names. (M)

7. Add an appropriate different background color to the Total cells. (E)

8. Create a column chart that shows total sales per store. (D)

9. Create a column chart that compares the sales of hammers and screwdrivers relative to total sales per store. (D)

10. Create a column chart that compares the sales per store relative to each kind of hardware. (D)


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Exam 3

Willie’s Wearhouse End of Accounting Period Sales. Open file “Willie’s Warehouse”.

1.      Merge cells A1 through H1.  (D)

2.      Use the Autosum command to find the totals for each clothing category and for each month. (D)

3.      Change the value of the numbers to currency. (M)

4.      Change the font size to 16. (E)

5.      Change the font type to Arial Black. (E)

6.      Shade the total columns to grey. (M)

7.      Create a bar chart showing total sales for each category in a new sheet. (M)

8.      Create a stacked bar chart showing sales for each clothing category per month. (D)

9.      Put each chart in its own sheet. (E)

10.  Title each chart. (E)

11.  Hide legend for Total Sales Chart. (M)


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Exam 4

Open up the document from Excel labeled “Student Test Scores Data

1.      Make a line graph showing the exam scores for Paul (D)

2.      Label the graph Paul’s Exam Scores and change the font to Ariel and bold it  (E)

3.      Make the background on the graph yellow (E)

4.      Change the font on the axis’s variables to Ariel, Bold 12 point (M)

5.      Delete the legend box on the right that says Paul  (M)

6.      Change the plot area background color to a light blue color (E)

7.      On the same graph, add in another line graph showing the exam scores for Mary (D)

8.      Change the chart title to “Paul and Mary’s Exam Scores”  (E)

9.      Add back in the legend box to the chart in order to confirm which line is for Mary and which one is for Paul (D)

10.  Change the data series lines from a thin weight to a heavy weight (D)


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Exam 5

Open File "Pierre's Shirt Shop"

1.      Create a secondary x axis. (M)

2.      Label the Secondary Y Axis “# of shirts”. (M)

3.      Add major gridlines to the chart to the y-axis.  (E)

4.      Display labels to the bar and line chart. (D)

5.      Title Chart “Pierre’s Shirt Shop.” (E)

6.      Type “Profit” for Value (Y) Axis.

7.      Add minor gridlines to the x axis.

8.      Show Legend.  (E)

9.      Label Series 1 “# of shirts sold.” (M)

10. Label Series 2 “Profit.” (M)


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Exam 6

Open File "Patrina's Pet Store 2"

1.  Format the title of this graph.  Change the color to Red and the font to Chiller size 18.  Create a blue boarder around the box. (M)

2.  Move the labels so they lay on top of their respective slice.  Format the labels so there is a yellow box surrounding each one. (D)

3.  Decrease the size of the chart without changing the arrangement of the pieces within the pie itself.  Move the entire chart to the top left corner of the screen. (M)

4.  Change this chart into an exploded 3D chart in one move.  Do not actually explode the chart manually.  Return the chart to the previous size.  Increase the size of the data labels. (E)

5.  Reopen the initial document labeled Patrina’s Pet Store.  This time, create a Blue Pie Chart using the total amount sold in each store.  Title the graph “Total Sales”. (E)

6.  Change the Data Labels so instead of having only a number representing the store, the word store appears before the number.  For example, 1 should be changed to Store 1. (E)

7.  Pull the chart together so it is a complete pie chart instead of separated. (M)

8.  Change the title to read “Patrina’s Pet Store- Total March Sales”. (E)

9.  Increase the total size of the chart without separating the different pieces of the pie.  Make it so that it still fits into the designated box and does not cover the title.  Do not make to too large that you can no longer read the labels. (D)

10.  Change Chart type to B&W Pie. (E)


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Exam 7

Open File "Cars by Lots"

1. Find the total number of vehicles for each lot using the Autosum feature. (M)

2. Find the total number of each type of vehicle for all lots using the Autosum feature. (M)

3. Center the titles for the Lots and vehicles. (E)

4. Merge the cells that the title is in, then center it. (M)

5. Add a background color to all titles for lots and vehicles. (M)

6. Create a column chart that shows total vehicles per lot. (D)

7. Add a border around the entire chart. (E)

8. Create a 3D column chart that compares the total number of vehicles per lot to the total amount of each vechicle. (D)

9. Lot D was shut down; delete Lot D and compute the new totals for vehicles using the Autosum feature. (E)

10. Create a column chart that compares the total amount of each vehicle to the total number of vehicles per lot. (D)


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Exam 8

Open File “Grade Book”.

1.      Create an embedded bar chart for Test 1 Scores. (M)

2.      Create a bar chart on a separate sheet for Final Scores. (D)

3.      Rename tabs to Data-Test1Chart and FinalScoreChart. (E)

4.      Resize the Test 1 Chart so that it fills cells B12 to I33. (M)

5.      Hide legends for both charts. (E)

6.      Show data labels for the Final Score Chart. (M)

7.      Change the font type on both axes for both charts to bold. (M)

8.      Show the data table for the Final Score Chart. (D)

9.      Format the Final Score Chart so that the bars have a 3D effect. (D)


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Exam 9

Open up the document from Excel labeled “Rainy Days Data

1.      Make a line graph showing a line for each place displaying the number of days it rained that week in that place.  Title this graph “Number of Days it Rains Per Week” (D)

2.       Label the x-axis “Week Number”, and label the y-axis “Rainfall in Inches” (M)

3.      Make the border around the chart blue and change it to a heavy width (E)

4.      Move the legend box to the left side of the chart (M)

5.      Take out the line data for Miami (D)

6.      Change the background of the chart to an aqua color (E)

7.      Expand the chart area so that it covers about twice as much area on the spreadsheet (E)

8.      Add in the chart data underneath the plot area (D)

9.      Change the plot area color to white (E)

10.  Take out the gridlines from the plot area (E)


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Exam 10

Open File "Pierre's Shirt Shop 2 "

1.      Type the years on x-axis. (E)

2.      Show legend at the top of the chart (M).

3.      Show data table. (M)

4.      Change the location of the combination chart from sheet 1 to a new sheet as Chart 2. (M)

5.      Show key legend on data table. (D)

6.      Change the color of the bars to blue. (D)

7.      Change legend to the bottom of the chart.

8.      Bold and underline the Chart title. (E)

9.      Change the chart title to 16 point font. (M)

10. Add value data labels. (E)


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