Programs: Microsoft Excel: Lesson 5

Dealing With Large Workbooks

Main objectives:
  • Scrolling
  • Freeze Panes
  • Group and Outline
Objective # 1 Scrolling

nBy clicking on the right/left arrow on the horizontal scroll bar or up/down arrow on the vertical scroll bar

By dragging the scroll bar for faster scroll
Objective # 2 Freezing Panes
This is an ideal way to keep your headings visible at all times
nIt allows you to mark rows or columns so that they never scroll off the page
To freeze a row or rows, place the highlight (the heavy black box) in column A on the cell below the row or rows you want to freeze.  Then click on Freeze Panes in the Window Menu


To freeze both rows and columns at the same time place the highlight on the cell that is below the row and to right of the column that  you want to freeze


Objective # 3 Group and Outline
You can create different outline levels at the same time on your worksheet
nHide or reveal the data as needed
nSelect the rows or columns to be outlined.
nChoose Data from the Menu Bar, select Group and Outline, and then select Group


nOnce an outline is created, you can click on the Show/Hide detail buttons (+ / –buttons) to display or hide the contents of the outlined region


After completing the DEMO PROBLEM you will have enough visual basis and knowledge to work on a spreadsheet alone.

Please, complete the following exercises also. Good luck!

1.Describe how the Group and outline command works.


2.The process of clicking on the arrows on the bottom and right side of a spreadsheet is best known as
            a) surfing
            b) hacking
            c) scrolling

3.What is the easiest way to move across a large spreadsheet?

             a) using scrolling arrows

             b) printing the workbook and looking at it 

             c) using the scroll bar

4.If you have a large spreadsheet dealing with monthly and quarterly financial reports, which one of previously discussed excel feature is   best way to approach analyzing the financial data?

                    a) using freezing panes

             b) using group and outline 

             c) using Peachtree 

5.If  having a list of students with multiple grades from different exams what would you use in order to have the names always “in front of you”?

                    a) using using freezing panes

             b) asking the student 

             c) using group and outline

6. The + when using Group and Outline means that you are releasing a selection

True    False

7. Freezing Panes "freezes" the columns/rows prior the selected row/column

True    False

8. With Group and Outline you can get the maximum of 5 outline levels

True    False

9. In order to scroll you need to have more than 64 MB of RAM

True    False

10. In order to bring the workbook to normal after being "frozen", you can use the Antifreeze command

True    False

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Programs: Microsoft Excel: Lesson 5