Programs: Microsoft Excel Chapter 3: Lesson 3

Lesson #3: In this lesson you will learn how use Autofill and how to use the Pointing function.

Main Objectives:
  • Autofill (Fill Handle)
  • Pointing
 Autofill and Pointing
Objective # 1 Autofill

nTo copy a cell or range of cells to an adjacent cell or range of cells
To Use
n-Select which cell you would like to copy.
n-Point to the black square on the lower-right corner of the cell until the mouse changes shape.
nDrag the mouse to the desired range you would like to copy the cells to.
nA boarder should now appear around the area you would like to be copied.
nThe process is now done once you unclick the mouse
Objective # 2 Pointing
nTo make it easier not to make a mistake when typing a formula into a cell


To use:
nClick the cell in which you want to put the formula in.
nType an equal sign (=).  The status bar should now say ‘enter mode.’ You can now continue to type the rest of the formula.
nPoint to the cell in which you want to reference the formula.  A border should appear around the cell and in the status bar, the words ‘point mode’ should appear.
nNow you can continue to type in arithmetic operators to place the references in the formula.


After completing the DEMO PROBLEM you will have enough visual basis and knowledge to work alone with excel in similar situation.


1. Excel is able to make a series of numbers and certain words

   True        False 

2. Arguments are when the computer is asked to do two things at once and it can’t decide which function to do

   True        False

3. We use pointing so we make less mistakes

   True        False

4. When using the fill handle we use the lower left corner to drag

   True        False

5. You are in pointing mode when a moving box appears around the cell/s you selected

   True        False

1.The fill handle is the quickest way to copy a cell to where? 
        a) The cells in A1
        b) The cells that are adjacent to the cell your working with
        c) The cells on a different excel document 
        d) No cells are copied using the fill handle


2.What is the first mode you should be in when you are pointing?
        a) Point mode
        b) Edit mode
        c) Enter mode
        d) Ready mode


3.What button do you push in the tool bar to access the Paste Function?
        a) Autosum (Sigma sign)
        b) Paste (clip board with little paper)
        c) Copy (two pieces of paper)
        d) Insert Function (fx)


4.What is the best way to average values in cells B1-B4?
        a) =B1+B2+B3+B4
        b) =Average(B1, B4)
        c) Neither a or b
        d) both a and b are great ways to find the average


5.5.Cells A1, A2 and A3 have the numbers 7, 10 and 1 respectively.  If in A4 the function typed is =
	Sum(A1: A3), then what will be the number that appears after you hit the 
	enter key after the function?
                a)  3
                b)  18  
                c)  10
                d)  16


6.6.When using the fill handle, what corner do you use to pull down to the range you would like?
               a) lower right
               b) lower left
               c) upper right
               d) upper left


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