Programs: Microsoft Excel

In the following lessons you will expand your knowledge on Microsoft Excel with learning about:

  • Goal Seek command and Scenario Manager
  • Usage of PMT and Paste function
  • Tackling The Fill Handle and Auto Fill 
  • Computing with Average, Max, Min, Count, If and Vlookup functions 
  • Deal with relatively large spreadsheets


Lesson Description Link
Lesson 1: 

Know the Goal Seek command & Scenario Manager


Lesson 2: 

Know how to use the PMT Function & the Paste Function


Lesson 3: 

1.Know how to use the fill handle, & Auto fill


Lesson 4:

4.Know the AVERAGE, MAX, MIN, COUNT, IF, & VLOOKUP Functions


Lesson 5:

Know how to deal with large worksheets 


PowerPoint Lesson:

4.View the PowerPoint presentation for this chapter of Excel.


PowerPoint Presentation


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4.100 Exam Questions


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Programs: Microsoft Excel

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