Quiz 2

(Answers are located at the bottom of the page)

1.  What is a spreadsheet?  What are its uses?


2. Name an example of a spreadsheet that people us today?


3.  Explain the difference between rows and columns?


4. What is a worksheet?  What is a workbook?


5.  True or False: A formula can never change.

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1. Spreadsheets are computerized versions of accountants’ ledgers. Spreadsheets are used by accountants to record financial transactions.

2. An example of a spreadsheet in today's real world is a professor's grade book.

3.Rows are the horizontal boxes throughout a worksheet. Rows are labeled with numbers. Columns are the vertical boxes that permeate a worksheet. Columns are labeled with letters.

4. Worksheets combine to make workbooks.  A workbook is composed only of worksheets.

5. False, a formula can change, but a constant can never change.