Programs: Microsoft Excel: Lesson 3

Lesson 3: In this lesson, we will learn about Page Setup, Viewing Saved Files, and the Office Assistant
Lesson 3: Objectives
  • Page Setup
  • .Viewing Saved Files
  • Understanding the Office Assistant's Purpose
Lesson 3: Understanding Basic Microsoft Excel Interface Knowledge:
Objective # 1 - Page Setup What is the purpose of Page Setup?













To access Page Setup:

Click File

Click Page Setup

This is a screenshot of how to access Page Setup.


The Page Setup function allows the user to change the format of the Excel file that they are currently working on.

The Options

- Portrait and Landscape refer to the how the page will be printed. 

- Portrait is a vertically printed page, while Landscape would print the page horizontally. 

- Landscape is used to make an entire worksheet print on a single sheet of paper when the document is to wide to fit onto the Portrait page.

- Scaling allows the user to change the printing size of the document by expanding the material or condensing the material.


- Margins can be changed by the user to increase the print area on a particular worksheet, so that all of the worksheet is printed on the single sheet of paper.


- Header and Footer allows the user to create a header or footer that will appear at the top or bottom of each page.


- The Sheet button gives the user the opportunity to separate boxes of cells to print and to allow the user to determine if he or she wants to print the gridlines that separate the columns and rows.
Objective # 2 - Viewing Saved Files How you ever wondered how you can view a saved file?
Follow this link to develop a better understanding of the different types of file types that you as a user can use. Viewing Saved Files
Objective # 3- Microsoft Excel Office Assistant The purpose of the Office Assistant

- The Excel Office Assistant is shown in the  picture.

- Functions of the Excel Office Assistant: Ask Questions, Get Answers, and Provide Suggestions

- The purpose of Excel’s Office Assistant is to provide help to the user when he or she may have question that needs clarification.


- The Assistant will make suggestions about how to make your worksheet look more professional.


The Assistant can be annoying at times, which is why it is recommended to only use it when you need help or have a question.



Lesson Review

In this lesson we covered the following:
  •  How to access the Page Setup function and its uses
  •  How to view various saved files through views such as the Properties view and the Details view
  •  How Microsoft's Office Assistant can help you as a user

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Programs: Microsoft Excel: Lesson 3