Programs: Microsoft Excel: Lesson 2


Lesson 1: In this lesson, you will learn the basics of Excel and how to get started with Microsoft Excel
Lesson 2: Objectives
  • Opening Microsoft Excel documents
  • Saving Microsoft Excel documents
  • Printing Microsoft Excel documents
  • Understanding the toolbars in Microsoft Excel
Lesson 2: The Basics of Microsoft Excel
Objective # 1- Opening Microsoft Excel How to Open Microsoft Excel?

To open Microsoft Excel


Click Start

Click Programs

Find Microsoft Office

Click Microsoft Excel

This is a screenshot of the process of opening Excel

Objective # 2 - Opening Microsoft Excel


How to Open an Excel File?

To open a new spreadsheet in Excel:

Click File

Click New

Click Blank Worksheet

This is a screenshot of the process of opening an Excel file.

Objective # 3- Saving Microsoft Excel Files Saving a File

To save an Excel file follow these guidelines:

1. Click File on the Menu Bar

2. Proceed down to Save

This is a screenshot of the process of saving a file in Excel.

The user now has the choice of where he or she would like to save the Excel worksheet.

Common Choices:

Drive A (Floppy Disk Drive) requires a floppy disk.

Drive C (Hard Disk Drive) saves the file on the hard drive of the computer.

Drive D (CD ROM Drive) requires the software to burn data onto a disk.

Warning: When saving Excel files, the user must be aware that newer releases of Excel can not open older Excel files.  Excel 2000 files can not be opened in Excel 95, but the user can open Excel 95 files in Excel 2000.  One can adjust the file type by saving a Excel 2000 file that one wants to work in Excel 95, by saving the Excel 2000 file as a Excel 95 file.

Objective # 4 - Printing Microsoft Excel Files Printing a File

How to Print an Excel File:

Click File

Click Print

Click OK

This is a screenshot of the process of printing an Excel file.

Objective # 5 - The Toolbars of Excel Understanding the Toolbars in Excel
Follow this link to gain an intricate understanding of which toolbar is located where in Microsoft Excel

Lesson Review

In this lesson we covered the following:
  •  How to open Microsoft Excel - "Start-Programs-Microsoft Excel"
  •  How to open a spreadsheet in Excel - "File-Open"
  •  How to print a spreadsheet in Excel - "File-Print"
  •  The toolbars of Excel and their location in an Excel File

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Programs: Microsoft Excel: Lesson 2