Programs: Microsoft Excel : Lesson 1


Lesson 1: In this lesson, you will learn a few of the everyday uses of Microsoft Excel
Lesson 1: Objectives:
  • Uses of Excel
  • Purpose of Excel
Lesson 1: The Everyday Uses of Microsoft Excel
Objective # 1 - Uses of Excel What can Excel do for us?


Microsoft Excel has everyday uses that allow it to be an integral part of the Microsoft Office package.
Some of the uses of Excel are as follows:
  • Professor's Grade  Book
  • Accountant's Financial Statements
  • Company's Ledger
Microsoft Excel allows users to create a variety of applications that are useful in displaying information that an outsider can see and understand.
Objective # 2 - Purpose of Excel Why do we want to learn Excel?


Having a general knowledge of Excel allows a user to create tables, graphs, and charts that can easily explain or simplify complex information or data.
Businesses stress the importance in the understanding of random data.  This data can easily be understood when placed into a spreadsheet and therefore easily sorted and understood.
Keeping records of merchandise inventory or a cow's milk production is made very simple and easy with Microsoft Excel.

Lesson Review

In this lesson, you learned the practical uses of Excel and why people in today's world use Excel.
  •  Developing a sound understanding of why people use Excel can motivate the user to develop an understanding of Excel for themselves
  •  Being able to develop spreadsheets in Excel is a key tool to know when you want to simplify complicated information.

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Programs: Microsoft Excel: Lesson 1