Programs: Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is a program that is designed primarily for creating spreadsheets that a user can use to sort and organize data into easy to understand forms.. It makes this very easy by enabling users to analyze data in the forms of tables, charts, and worksheets.


Here is a summary of the main purpose/ purposes of the program:

  • Understanding the practicality of Microsoft Excel
  • Familiarizing oneself with Excel's basic feature
  • Using spreadsheets in everyday activity to understand complicated data
  • Using constants and formulas to create a faster way to input data

Learning Objectives have been designed by the creators of this web page to provide the user with what he or she will want to learn from this teaching material.  These learning objectives serve as foundation for the information that a novice should extract from this introduction to Microsoft Excel

Here is a list of lessons and what will be learned in each lesson.




Lesson 1: 

What is Microsoft Excel - Learn about what the program is used for in the real world.


Lesson 2: 

Getting started with Microsoft Excel - Understanding the basics of Excel - Opening Files, Saving Files, and Printing Files

The Basics

Lesson 3: 

Understanding general Microsoft interface within Microsoft Excel

General Interface

Lesson 4:

Getting a bit more complicated - Adding and Deleting both rows, columns, and entire worksheets

Adding and Deleting in Excel

Lesson 5:

Understanding Key Terms - Definitions and Terminology

Key Terms

Quiz Time:

The best way to evaluate what you have learned so far is to take two practice quizzes


Exercise 1:

Opening Excel - This exercise and the following exercises are designed to allow a user to walk through Microsoft Excel

Opening Excel

Exercise 2:

Practice using Save As in Microsoft Excel

Save As

Exercise 3:

Exploring Microsoft Excel's Office Assistant

The Office Assistant

Exercise 4:

Calculating Averages- Practice Makes Perfect

Calculating Averages

Exercise 5:

Practice using the Excel Toolbars


Exercise 6:

Printing a spreadsheet

Practice Printing

PowerPoint Presentation

Here you can view the PowerPoint lesson for this chapter of Excel.

PowerPoint Presentation

Homework Problems

These homework problems are designed to test the material that the student in supposed to learned and hopefully understands


Web Links

These additional links will provide the user with any further information that the user would like to learn about Excel.

Web Links

Practice Test:

This is a practice test that will challenge the student to recall all the information that he or she is responsible for learning and knowing.

Practice Test


Review of all points covered by making a final project. In this section we will simply tell you what to do. You will have to use your own knowledge from the above lessons to complete it. If you get stuck feel free to go to the lesson in which the information you need is located.


Instructor Resources:

View the solutions to the exercises and the practice test.

Instructor Resources


100 Hands on exam questions

100 Exam Questions

20 Projects

20 Additional Projects

20 Additional Projects

Answer Key

Answers to Projects and Exam.

Answers to Exam Section 

Answer to Project Section

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