Quiz 1

(Answers are located at the bottom of the page).

1.To start Microsoft Excel:

a. Click Explorer

b. Click Start

c. Click Recycle Bin


2. Describe the process of opening an Excel document.


3. List the toolbars that are accessible in Excel.


4. To add rows:

a. Click File

b. Click Edit

c. Click Insert

d. Click Format


5. Describe the difference between a portrait and a landscape.


6. To delete an entire worksheet:

a. Click File

b. Click Edit

c. Click Format

d. Click View

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1. To open Microsoft Excel, the user should click the Start button.

2. To open a new Excel file, one should

Click File

Click New

Click Blank Worksheet

3.Menu Bar, Standard Toolbar, Name Box/ Formula Bar, Worksheet Tabs, Status Bar, and Task Bar

4. To add rows to existing Excel files, the user should click Insert.

5. Portrait and Landscape refer to the how the page will be printed.  Portrait is a vertically printed page, while Landscape would print the page horizontally. Landscape is used to make an entire worksheet print on a single sheet of paper when the document is to wide to fit onto the Portrait page.

6. To delete an entire worksheet, the user should click Edit to move down to delete Worksheet.