Practice Test

1. To open a new Excel File the user should

    a. Click Insert

    b. Click File

    c. Click Edit

2. To print a saved Excel file the user should

    a. Click Help

    b. Click View

    c. Click File

3. True or False: A constant can never change.

4. True or False: A formula can never change.

5. A worksheet is

    a. Excel's name for a spreadsheet

    b. A piece of paper

    c. Another name for a workbook

6. Define a row.

7. Define a cell reference.

8. To open Microsoft Excel

    a. Click Start

    b. Click Recycle Bin

    c. Click My Computer

9. True or False: The List View only shows the name of the saved file.

10. True or False: The Properties View shows the name of the saved file and the date and time when the file was last changed.

11. The entry AVERAGE(C5:C12)

a. Computes the average of C5 and C12

B. Computes the average of all the cells between C5 and C12, not including C5 and C12

C. Computes the average of all the cells between C5 and C12, including C5 and C12

12. Which drive saves the Excel file to the computer's hard drive?

a. A

b. C

c. E

13.  Page Setup deals with which of the following:

a. Headers

b. Footers

c. Saving Files

d. a and b

14. How do you insert rows into worksheets?

15. True or False: The Insert command removes cells, rows, and columns.

16. Describe the function of the Office Assistant.

17. Describe the difference between a worksheet and a workbook.

18. List reasons why Excel is a useful tool to master.

19.  What is the purpose of the Average Function?

20. Find a spreadsheet from an Accounting Company a financial statement.  Look on the Internet to find the required information.

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