Height Problem

Jean Marie and Claude are planning a family reunion and they want to organize the family in terms of height.

Using the Excel Spreadsheet that has been provided, create a formula that can be used to find the average height of both the males and the females. 

Height Table
Males Height
Kevin 6.2
Derrick 5.9
Zack 6
Lavar 5.8
John 6.6
Avg. Height
Females Height
Stephanie 5.8
Marissa 5.3
Kim 5
Joanna 5.2
Lisa 5.4
Avg. Height

Now suppose that Marissa's Height was incorrectly recorded at 5.3 , but instead is 6.0.  How does this change the average height for females in our small population size?  Save this File As Height Problem 2.

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